2. Positions and ranks


Librarian/archivist positions at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo) are classified into the following University support groups (USG):

  • administrative positions at USG 14 and 16

  • non-administrative librarians/archivists ranging from USG 10 to 13

For further details, see Policy 5 - Salary Administration, University Support Staff.

2.1 Administrative librarians/archivists

Administrative librarians/archivists provide leadership by planning, developing, and managing services, resources, and systems to meet the current and future needs of Waterloo’s academic community. Waterloo recognizes the following grades for administrative librarians/archivists:

University librarian 

As the chair of the library executive, the university librarian provides overall vision, leadership, and direction for the provision of library services and resources that support learning, research and scholarship at Waterloo. They report to the vice-president, academic and provost.

Associate university librarians

As members of the library executive, the associate university librarians (AUL) participate in the overall administration of the Library. They are responsible for strategically overseeing the development and provision of library services, resources, programs, and systems to support the current and future needs of Waterloo’s academic community. The associate university librarian positions are classified at USG 16.

The current AUL positions are:

Department heads

Department heads who are librarians/archivists have administrative responsibility for their unit’s services, resources and systems. The position of department head is classified at USG 14.

The current head positions are:

2.2. Librarians/archivists

The University recognizes four non-administrative librarian/archivist ranks. Consideration for advancement to any level is available to librarians who have achieved the previous level.

Criteria for professional advancement

Advancement from one rank to the next is available to non-administrative librarians/archivists. It is subject to a successful peer review based on a candidate’s performance, impact on the organization and profession, and readiness to advance. See Appendix B: Professional advancement procedures and criteria for further details.

Rank 1 (USG 10)

The Librarian/Archivist is a professional with a good understanding of the principles of librarianship/archival practice. Under general supervision, they demonstrate the ability to work independently within established practices and procedures. They work well with others, showing and gaining respect within their key areas of accountability. Librarians/Archivists at this level exhibit good judgement and a promise of the ability to handle an increasing level of responsibility. They are beginning to engage in professional activities that contribute to the success of their unit and the Library.

Rank 2 (USG 11)

The Librarian/Archivist is a competent professional who applies specialized knowledge to the benefit of the Library and broader campus or professional communities. With limited supervision, they exert greater influence and impact by taking on increasingly complex duties including the planning, management, and direction of initiatives/projects. There is evidence of sound judgement in the work they do and in interactions with others. Librarians/Archivists at this level demonstrate the ability to work with and guide others in a positive manner. They are involved in professional activities that contribute to the success of their unit and the Library.

Rank 3 (USG 12)

The Librarian/Archivist is an experienced professional, with a high level of specialized knowledge that contributes to the advancement of the Library or campus initiatives. They are trusted to take on leadership roles that fall within their areas of expertise. They have demonstrated initiative and the ability to bring colleagues and others on side toward common goals in a respectful and positive manner. Librarians/Archivists at this level make significant contributions to their unit and Library initiatives and are able to work with a variety of groups. They are a resource for other colleagues and demonstrate solid professional judgement.

Rank 4 (USG 13)

The Librarian/Archivist is recognized both internally and externally for the impact of their work. They have made outstanding contributions to the profession or the broader academic community and have a history of distinguished service. They possess advanced/specialized knowledge and contribute to the overall success of the Library by, for example, providing leadership and actively mentoring or sharing expertise and experience with their colleagues in inclusive and progressive ways.

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