3. University provided benefits

The following benefits are governed by the University of Waterloo Human Resources Department.

3.1 Salary policy

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation reviews the staff salary ranges annually, to ensure fair and equitable salaries.   

Waterloo’s staff salary structure comprises 21 USG salary ranges each composed of a minimum (80%), a job value (100%) and a maximum (120%). The job value is considered an appropriate salary for a fully qualified and experienced incumbent fulfilling all of the requirements of a position in a completely satisfactory manner. The salary of newly hired individuals is normally between the minimum and the job value. 

Salary increases are based on merit. There are no scale, general, cost-of-living or across-the-board increases. The May 1 merit process for each individual is contingent upon a number of factors including the incumbent's position in the salary range with respect to the job value, the results of a performance appraisal and the total amount of funding available for merit increases. See Policy 5 - Salary Administration, University Support Staff and University of Waterloo University Support Staff Compensation Program for further details.

3.2 Vacation

During the vacation credit year (July 1 to June 30), staff members accumulate vacation credits which are available to be used as paid vacation time during the following year. Vacation credits for regular staff members, for the first year of employment, will be pro-rated. The number of vacation credits is dependent upon length  of service. See Policy 6 - Vacation - Staff for further details.

3.3 Paid holidays

Staff members are entitled to ten paid holidays each year. In addition, there will be not less than three nor more than four "floating" days, determined at the discretion of the President, dependent upon the day of the week on which Canada Day, Christmas and New Year's fall. Waterloo routinely closes between Christmas and New Year’s. December 24 will be a paid day off for support staff when it falls on a working day. See Policy 38 – Paid Holidays for further details.

3.4 Pension and benefits

All librarians/archivists employed by Waterloo have coverage as outlined on the HR Benefits site and in Policy 23 - Eligibility for Pension and Insured Benefits. All staff members also have access to the Employee & Family Assistance Program as an additional avenue for health and wellness services.

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