4. Promotions

Only librarians/archivists who have passed probation are eligible to apply for a promotion. A promotion may occur in one or more of the following ways:

4.1 Job evaluation


Job evaluation is available to administrative librarians/archivists who can demonstrate that their job has grown e.g., they took on supervisory or managerial responsibilities, provided leadership and direction within an administrative unit, or participated in the general administration of the Library.

The incumbent’s manager requests a review of changes in the job description, and the associate university librarian, administration and administrative officer ubmits the request for a position evaluation to Human Resources. Reclassifications at a higher level are accompanied by a salary increase.

4.2 Professional advancement


Professional advancement is available to all non-administrative librarians/archivists, in keeping with Appendix B: Professional advancement procedures and criteria.

Successful advancement from one rank to the next is accompanied by a salary increase and a move up one salary grade (to a maximum of USG 13).

4.3 Applying for a new job

Librarians/archivists who have passed probation may apply for a job at a higher USG grade than their current position.

4.4. Temporary reassignment or secondment

A librarian/archivist may be temporarily reassigned to another position in the Library or seconded to another position on campus which is at a higher USG level than their current position. During the temporary assignment or secondment, the librarian/archivist will normally receive a stipend. At the end of the assignment, the librarian/archivist returns to their previous position and salary.

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