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What is Management Engineering capstone design?

The Management Engineering Capstone Design program is a series of two courses taken by students in their final year. Students work in teams on a real, open-ended engineering design problem under the supervision of a faculty member with expertise in the particular problem area. 

Most of our student design projects develop in close partnership with industry. Examples of past capstone projects include:

  • A system that utilizes statistical analysis and optimization techniques to propose the most profitable department layouts for Walmart stores
  • A decision support tool that optimally assigns nurses, attendants, and clerks in the emergency department of Grand River Hospital
  • A framework for implementation of night-time deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area for Nestlé Canada

For more information on all current and past capstone design projects, including abstracts, posters, and videos, visit the Management Engineering capstone design page.

Benefits to industry

Collaborating with Management Engineering to provide capstone design project ideas will provide your organisation with many benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Market your organisation to our students and identify potential new hires
  • Get a fresh perspective on finding an innovative solution to your problem
  • Make use of the services of small consulting team
  • Take advantage of new cutting edge technology
  • Utilise academic professors' knowledge (faculty expertise)

They have exceeded all expectations well beyond what I could have imagined was possible to achieve in an eight-month design project... I have been truly impressed with their work ethic, ingenuity, and diverse skill set spanning all facets of the Management Engineering program.

Alex Dueck, Deloitte, British Columbia

What is the required involvement from industry?

Participating in the capstone design project will involve a limited level of time commitment on behalf of the organisation. In addition, the client should be invested in the proposed topic in order to provide mutual benefits to all parties involved. The topics proposed should also be relevant to the Management Sciences discipline. Finally, companies should specify their ability to share information and whether or not a non-disclosure agreement would be required.

Submit a project proposal

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Have questions? Interested in finding out more? Please contact the capstone program coordinator.