Management Science option

What is the Management Science option?

The option in Management Science gives University of Waterloo undergraduate engineering students the opportunity to incorporate the management science element in their engineering degree program.

This option is uniquely suited to all engineering disciplines at Waterloo.  It is not available to Management Engineering students.

Management Science option requirements

The option consists simply of six courses. Many of these courses have equivalents from other programs. 

  • At least three of the six courses must be MSCI/MSE courses from the Department of Management Science and Engineering.
  • A maximum of one course not from the approved list may be counted toward the option, with approval from the option coordinator. The course must be related to management science.
  • You may take both MSCI/MSE 211 and MSCI/MSE 311, in which case one will count toward the required courses and the other toward the elective courses.
  • For the designation "Option in Management Science" to be included on your transcript, you must achieve a minimum overall cumulative average of 60% in the six courses.

Check the University's official schedule of classes for confirmation of actual course offerings each term.

To declare the Management Science option, contact your advisor or send them a  plan modification form .

As an Management Science option student you must also identify the Management Science option on the application to graduate form in your 4B term in order to receive the designation on your transcript at graduation. 

What does it do for me?

Adding this unique facet to your undergraduate program improves your  potential, by incorporating your specialist engineering training and skills with today's necessary business acumen needed for any organization. These studies can include economics, organizational behaviour,  design, decision analysis, operations research, production, service operations, information systems design, innovation, and technology strategy.

At graduation, you will receive a designation on your transcript upon successful completion of this program.  

More information

If you need more information, please refer to the FAQ or contact the option co-ordinator in the Department of Management Science and Engineering.