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Title: Mennonite Archives of Ontario collection of electronic manuscripts

Dates of creation: 2000-Present

Scope and content: This collection consists  of electronic manuscripts unrelated to another collections in the Archives. The formats will vary; items are filed in shelflist order. Some files may be stored on CD, some may only be available as a digital record on an Archives computer.

Notes: In most cases these materials may only be used at the archives on equipment supplied by the archives.

Created 13 February 2008 by Sam Steiner

File list:

  1. Gospel Banner index, 1878-1969)(Mennonite Brethren in Christ periodical). Microsoft Access 2000 file.
  2. Conrad Grebel University College Electronic Presentations
    1. Powerpoint Presentation prepared for Board of Governors on 9 June 2004 ("Conrad Grebel University College: 'Where tradition and innovation meet'). Microsoft PowerPoint file. 21 slides (CD)
    2. Powerpoint Presentation prepared for University of Waterloo Senate on 17 May 2004 ("Conrad Grebel University College: 'Where tradition and innovation meet'"). Microsoft PowerPoint file, 30 slides (CD)
  3. Anne Millar Remembers 
    Anne Eby Millar (1922- ) is the daughter of Gordon Christian Eby (Hist.Mss.1.66). This is annotated collection of photographs related to the life experience of Anne Eby Millar, her ancestors, and her family. There are access restrictions on the DVD containing photographs after 1944.
    1. Anne Remembers: an annotated pictorial history, 1850-1943 (volume 1) (DVD; hundreds of photographs)
    2. Anne Remembers: an annotated pictorial history, 1850-2004 (volume 1) (DVD; hundreds of photographs) Restricted; access with permission of Anne Millar or Family until 2056
  4. The Story of Reesor / John H. Enns; Digitized by R. L. Trudel, 2005. Manuscript on the history of Reesor, Ontario. Microsoft Word document of 173 leaves. (CD)
  5. State Archive of Odessa Region, Fund 6, Board of Guardians for Foreign Settlers (Fürsorgekomitee f ür ausländische Ansiedler In Südrußland), Inventory 1, Selected Files. A pdf finding aid in German, courtesy of the Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The references in the margin to CD 19-22 correspond to CDs 1-4 below.CDs 5-10 were received from the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies (Fresno, Calif.) in 2011 as another installment in this project. A finding aid to CDs 5-10 is available here as Introduction and abstracts.
    1. Selected files 4134-4456
    2. Selected files 4148-4954
    3. Selected files 4889-5096
    4. Selected files 5086-5284
    5. Files 5299-5617
    6. Files 5622-5722
    7. Files 5723-5733
    8. Files 5734-5808
    9. Files 5846-5933
    10. Files 5936-6300
  6. Brubacher House Museum Textiles; 98 digital photos of textiles held at the Brubacher House Museum taken by staff of the Joseph Schneider Haus after a furnace problem at Brubacher House that required the cleaning of the textiles in 2004. There are no labels for the the pictures.
  7. Crosshill Mennonite Church Building Program; 3 data DVDs.
    1. Before Groundbreaking 15 April 2005-31 January 2006 (jpg photographs)
    2. Groundbreaking to Moving Day, 1 February 2006-20 June 2006
    3. Webshots, short videos (avi, wmv, psc) over course of building program
  8. Bergthal Mennonite, 1901-: Centennial Photo Album; 1 DVD. Contains hundreds of photographs of people and events related to the Bergthal Mennonite Church in Didsbury, Alberta. This rural church was established by Mennonites from southern Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan. Katherine (Goerzen) Peters gathered the photographs for an album on display at the church, and later digitized them for distribution.

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