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This material was microfilmed at the Muddy Creek Library, Denver, Pennsylvania, by Sam Steiner in 1977. It includes both Old Order Mennonite and Reformed Mennonite items gathered by Hoover. There are two reels of 16mm microfilm. The contents include a bibliography of Old Order Mennonite publications and copies of Reformed Mennonite publications. There are miscellaneous items at the end.

Reel 1: Old Order Mennonite Bibliography


Books written/published by Old Order Mennonnites 1-112
Books related to Old Order Mennonites 118-142
Periodical articles on Old Order Mennonites 148-187
Old Order Mennonite Archives 193-230
Old Order Mennonite Tracts 235-248
Unpublished papers 252-290
Old Order Mennonite Calendars 295-300
Old Order Mennonite Maps 304-311
Old Order Mennonite Hymnbooks 316-337
Family histories 341-414
Old Order Mennonite Periodicals 418-427
Mennonite Calendar of the Weaverland Conference, 1932-1977 457-1277
Calendar of Meetings of the Groffdale Conference, 1964-1977 1337-1603

Reformed Mennonite Materials

Erl䵴erungs-Spiegel, oder Eine gr쮤liche Erkl䲵ng von der Verpredight Unsers Herrn Jesu Christi / durch Johannes Herr (Lancaster : Johann B䲬 1827), 395 p. 1651-1848
The saint: his character, his relation to God, to his fellow-believers, and to the world / by Eli Herr (Hagerstown : Mail Pub. Co., 1900), 94 p. 1901-1949
Collection of tunes for Reformed Mennonite hymnal (N.p. : n.d.), 58 p. 1954-1983
A sermon preached in the Reformed Mennonite meeting house, Lancaster, Pa. / by Jacob S. Leaman (Lancaster : Intelligencer Press, n.d.), 32 p. 1986-2004
Christian life and doctrine / by Martin H. Musser (Lancaster : Reformed Mennonite Church, 1947), 33 p. 2009-2026
An awakening call to professors of religion / by Daniel Musser (Lancaster : Reformed Mennonite Church, 1947), 60 p. 2031-2062
Millennium and church unity and an exposure of Antichrist / by John Kohr (Lancaster : Inquirer Printing Office, 1886), 107 p. 2067-2121
A brief admonition to the Church of Christ, containing counsel, encouragement and warning against dangers / by Jacob S. Leaman (Lancaster : Steinman & Foltz, 1916), 25 p. 2127-2140
The education of children: how pious parents should govern, teach and direct them / by Menno Simons (Marshallville : C. Weckesser, 1890), 14 p. 2144-2151
The Reformed Mennonites: some of their views, principles and peculiarities (Williamsville, N.Y. : s.n., n.d.), 14 p. 2161-2168
A small collection of tunes (LaSalle, N.Y. : David N. Long, n.d.), 16 p. 2173-2181
Resist not him that is evil / by John Herr (Williamsville, N.Y. : Reformed Mennonite Church, n.d.), 16 p. 2186-2194
The Church of Christ and its characteristics of unity, peace and purity / by Jacob S. Lehman (Chambersburg : Reformed Mennonite Church, 1911), 64 p. 2199-2232
Marriage: what an eighty year old preacher thinks about it / by Jacob S. Lehman (Stoufferstown : Author, n.d.), 15 p. 2238-2247
Life of John Herr (LaSalle, N.Y. : Reformed Mennonite Church, n.d.), 30 p. 2252-2267
Guidance by grace / by John Herr (LaSalle, N.Y. : Reformed Mennonite Church, n.d.), 39 p. 2272-2292
Christian fellowship: a few words on true enjoyment and church unity (Williamsville, N.Y. : D.N.Long, 1886), 16 p. 2299-2308
Menno Simon's renunciation of Rome, and a brief historical account of true believers and their baptism / by Jacob Geist (Baltimore : Sherwood & Co., 1872), 142 p. 2313-2384
A manual of New Testament teaching on the proper observence of ordinances, dissertations on marriage, and on the Millennium (Hagerstown, Md. : Mail Publishing Co., 1903), 169 p. 2389-end

Reel 2 - Misc. publications

A collection of hymns, designed for the use of the Church of Christ (Lancaster : Reformed Mennonite Church, 1873), 218, 226 p. 1-231
Confession of faith of the Mennonites. Also a translation of church regulations published by Benjamin Eby, Berlin, Canada, Aug. 30, 1841 (S.l. : Committee (Old Order) Mennonites, 1935), 84 p. 236-281
"Metrical melodies of the Old Order River Brethren" / Laban T. Brechbill, 1939 (unpublished mss.) 285-314
Ein Aufsatz oder vertheidigung von Christian Funk gegen seine Mitdiener der Menonisten Gemeinschaft gedruckt im Jahr 1785, 16 p. 318-328
A mirror for all mankind or, Instructive example from the life and conduct of Christian Funk(Norristown : J. Winnard, 1814), 47 p. 332-355
"The culture of the Old Order Mennonites of Lancaster County" / by John L. Caughey (Unpublished mss. : U. of Pennsylvania, 1968), 82 p. 359-447
"Copia des sehr Grossen Briefs so die Amischen an uns in der Pfaltz geschriben 22 November 1693," 34 p. 452-485
Ein Sammlung von Geistreichen Sterb- und Begr䢮ik Liedern,.... (Chambersburg : Heinrich Ruby, 1831), 162 p. 489-570
Same as above,with Anhang of songs added by Christian Burkholder of Canada, 185 p. 574-668
John Weaver's letter to his cousin Sam Weaver in Canada (Goshen : Lawrence K. Martin, c1961), 24 p. 672-697
Ein Spiegel / Jacob Martin (S.l., 1888), 4 p. 701-704
The Christian religious voice of warning / Moses G. Reist (Elmira : Author, 1916), 63 p. 708-742
The Christian faith as portrayed throughout the Bloody Theatre or Martyrs Mirror and other authors / Menno Sauder (Elmira : Author, 1945), 238 p. 746-868
Menno Sauder tracts 872-950
The story of my life / Katie Westfall (N.d.), 47 p. 954-1001
Handwritten mss. by Levi Bowman, Wallenstein, Ontario on Old Order bishops, ministers, deacons 1004-1041
"An account of the Amish Church in Mifflin County" / John Renno (Unpub. mss., 1975), 31 p. 1045-1075
"American Mennonite schisms and church polity: with emphasis on Lancaster County" / James C. Doremus, 1961 M.A. thesis, 97 p. 1080-1188
"A sketch of North German Mennonites in relation to the Halteman Church" / Bishop Peter Toews 1193-1218
"A trip to Europe" / Jonathan B. Fisher. Typed from Budget articles, 79 p. 1222-1302
"List of names of people and their age, who lived in this district and mostly died since the turn of the century, 1900," 1972 1306-1359
John Dan Wenger tracts 1364-1442
A testimony of the truth / David B. Hoover (New Holland : David Hoover, 1947), 32 p. 1446-1480
"Beware of false prophets...." / Joshua B. Bauman [Waterloo area] (Selinsgrove, Pa. : J.B. Bauman, n.d.), 23 p. 1484-1495
Regeneration and the New Creature / Dietrich Philip (Elmira : Menno Sauder, 1958) 1500-1565
A Christian confession.... / Menno Sauder (Elmira : Menno Sauder, 1943), 116 p. 1569-1629
Eli Shirk tracts (Ephrata, Pa.) includes history of our school controversy (1959) 1633-1762

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