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Dates of creation: 1914-1918; microfilmed in 1975

3 35mm microfilm reels

The following research project consists of 98 case files (CFs) containing the transcripts of court-martials involving 131 conscientious objectors court-martialed during W.W. I. The records are of the office of the Judge Advocate General (Army), record group 153, and a part of the National Archives of the United States. They were compiled during the summer of 1975 by Duane Goertz assisted by Carl Edwards.

The CFs themselves are arranged alphabetically within two sections as shown in the table of contents. The first and largest section contains the names, religious denominations and CF numbers of 96 persons court-martialed individually. The second section lists the names, religious denominations and CF numbers of those persons court-martialed collectively; 31 in CF 116001 and 4 in CF 116306.

With few exceptions these 131 religious conscientious objectors represent various branches of the Mennonite church. The abbreviations used in the table of contents to denote these various denominations are listed below.

MC Mennonite Church
GC General Conference Mennonite Church
MB Mennonite Brethren
K Krimmer Mennonite Brethren
CIC Central Illinois Conference
MBC Mennonite Brethren in Christ
H Holdeman Mennonite
IC Independent Christian
OOA Old Order Amish
HU Hutterite
WM Wisler Mennonite
AC Amish Christian
CGCM Church of God in Christ, Mennonite
D Defenseless
MBNA Mennonite Brethren North America
OGB Old German Baptist
WeM Wesleyan Methodist

Custodial History: The microfilms were purchased from the Mennonite Library and Archives, North Newton, Kansas.

Name Denomination Case File
Aschliman Ura MC 119350
Baergen, Gerhard M. GC 122291
Baltzer, Benjamin MB 122598
Barkman, Jacob Hart K 122503
Becker, John J GC 125928
Blough, Henry Do CIC 115378
Bonteager, Amos MC 115532
Brenneman, Jessie L. MBC 115067
Christophel, Allen B. MC 115379
Culp, Claude C. MC -115717
Curtis, Homer B. MBC 115068
Dirks, Isaac To GC 115799
Dirksen, Peter P. GC 116268
Bash, Joseph MC 115201
Fast, Bernard E. GC 122214
Fast, Henry C. GC 122213
Goertz, Abraham GC 122365
Graber, Charley GC 122218
Graber, Ira B. MC 119488
Harder, John E. GC 116729
Hartzler, Jesse D. MC 123397
Heppner, Peter GC 116494
Hershberger, Chris OOA 120928
Hershberger, Elmer MC 115069
Hershberger, Samuel M. OOA 122106
Hess, Maurice OGB 122512
Hewett, Austin C. WeM 112936
Hiebert, David O. GC 122294
Hiebert, Peter GC 122364
Hochstetler, Ivan MC 115529
Hochstetler, Oscar MC 115530
Hofer, Andrew Adolph GC 122486
Hofer, Andrew Anna K 122362
Hofer, Jacob M. GC 124363
Hooley, Enos N. MC 115677
Hostetler, Elbert MC 116730
Hostetler, Forrest MC 115722
Johnson, Peter GC 122692
Klassen, Frank GC 116393;
Kleinsasser, Paul HU 126210
Kleinsasser, Samuel HU 126211
Klippenstein, Gerhard J. GC 116096
Lantz, Russell A. MC 115675
Leatherman, Noah H 122369
Leichty, Elmer GC 115536
Loewen, Herman GC 122499
Martens, Jacob N. MB 122363
Martin, Henry WM 127194
Mazelin, Jacob P. AC 115535
Metzler, Ray MC 118745
Metzler, Ren MC 115678
Hiller, Chris E. MC 121854
Miller, Ernest MC 123342
Miller, George S. MC 123113
Hiller, Henry H. OOA 116392
Miller, John OOA 122368
Hiller, Owen J. OOA 115714
Miller, Payson MC 115716
Neuenschwander, Abraham MC 115531
Neuenschwander, Omar GC 115725
Neufeld, Abraham F. GC 117897
Neufeld John T. GC 117896
Nickel, David MB 123314
-Nussbaum, Albert S. MC 123065
Nussbaum, William MC 115533
Pankratz, Peter GC 122752
Plenert, John J. MC 122292
Ramer, John WM 119478
Reimer, Herman F. MB 116130
Richer, Menno MC 115204
Riffell, Harry MBC 119541
Schmidt, Allen CGCM 122508
Schmidt, Carl A. GC 122513
Schmidt, Daniel J. CGCM 122220
Schmidt, Jake MB 116094
Schowalter, A-nos MC 122222
Smeltzer, John H. MC 121194
Soldner, Tillman H. GC 115723
Sommers, Harry MC 115205
Springer, Edward HC 116498
Sprunger, Walter GC 115718
Swartzendruber, Emmanuel OOA 119490
Swartzentrufer, Levi OOA 117230
Thomas, Evan IC 121505
Toevs, John J. MC 116728;
Troyes, David OOA 119925
Tschetter, Jack E. GC 116507
Villiard, Paul MC 116506
Voth, Cornelius GC 122481
Waller, Joseph B. MC 108246
Walter, Jacob M. D 125677
Walter, Joe M. D 125676
Waltner, Ed J. GC 116095
Wiebe, Henry MBNA 123318
Wurz, Joseph H. MC 121564
Yoder, Daniel S. OOA 121292
CF 1166001 (Mennonites only) Denomination
Becker.' He GC
Berg, David GC
Boese, Hen GC
Butz, Fred F MC
Bash, Reub MC
Esau, Henry H
Franz, Henr MB
Prey, Herm GC
Jantz, Jaco GC
Jantz, Jose GC
Jantz, Willia GC
Janzen, Jac GC
Klassen, Jo GC
Nightingale, GC
Penner, Abr CGCM
Penner, Joh MB
Quiring, Pet GC
Ratzlaff, He MB
Ratzlaff, Ja GC
Schmidt, Aa GC
Schmidt, Da GC
Schmidt, Fr GC
Schroeder, GC
Schultz, Alb CGCM
Tuescher, D MC
Unruh, Hein GC
Unruh, Pete GC
Unruh, Simo GC
Vogt, Cornel MBC
Voth, Albert GC
Wagner, Ad GC
CF 116306 Denomination
Hofer, David J. HU
Hofer, Joseph J. HU
Hofer, Michael HU
Wipf, Jacob J. HU

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