About Bibles at the Library and Archives

Intact Bibles are located in the rare monograph section of the Library; genealogical records removed or copied from Bibles are located in the Archives. The Library or Archives call number follows each Bible listed below.

When deciding whether to keep an entire Bible or remove the genealogically-relevant pages, factors such as the age and rarity of the Bible are taken into consideration.

List of genealogical data recorded in Bibles by family name

Baechler Family. BS239 1892

Baer Family. John Bear, Sr. Bible. BS239 1831

Bowman Family. Photocopies of Abraham Bowman family Bible. Hist.Mss. 2.11 s.c.

Bowman Family. Samuel S. Bowman family Bible. BS239 186?

Burkhart Family. Photographs of genealogical records of Joseph Burkhart and Sarah (Sittler) Burkhart family Bible. Hist.Mss. 2.76

Detweiler Family. Genealogical records and photograph removed from Enoch R. Detweiler family Bible (ca. 1900), Hist.Mss. 2.37 s.c.

Detweiler Family. Records removed from Jacob B. Detweiler family Bible (ca. 1866) Hist.Mss. 2.36 s.c.

Detweiler Family. Noah B. Detweiler family Bible. BS185 1879 .B4

Eby Family. Abraham Eby family Bible. BS239 1843

Gascho Family. Christian Gascho family Bible. BS239 1856

Geiger Family. Peter Geiger family Bible. BS239 188-

Gerber Family. Johannes Gerber family Bible. BS239 1854 c.2

Good Family. Daniel Guth family Bible. BS239 1824

Horst Family. Records removed from Benjamin and Veronica Horst family Bible, 1856  HM 2.56 (s.c.)

Jantzi Family. Records removed from Rudy Jantzi family Bible (ca. 1900). Hist.Mss. 2.38 s.c.

Kolb Family. Jacob Z. Kolb family Bible. BS185 1879 .B4 c.2

Leis Family. Joseph Leis family Bible. BS239 1876

Leis Family. Photocopies from Joseph Leis family Bible with transcriptions and translations (ca. 1846-1920). Hist.Mss. 2.12 s.c.

Meyer Family. John Meyer family Bible. BS239 1860

Oberholtzer Family. Abraham Oberholtzer family Bible. BS239 1874?

Oberholtzer Family. Jacob M. Oberholtzer family Bible. BS239 1819

Oberholtzer Family. Josiah E. Oberholtzer family Bible. BS188.A3 1891

Reesor Family. Christian Reesor family Bible. BS185 1857

Roth Family. Jacob B. Roth family Bible register, 1852-. Hist.Mss. 2.60

Schrag Family. Christian Schrag family Bible. BS239 1865?

Schrag Family. Daniel Schrag family Bible. BS239 1872

Shantz Family. Dilman B. Shantz family Bible. BS185 1860

Shantz Family. Joshua Shantz family Bible. BS239 183?

Snyder Family BS239 1560

Snyder Family. Records removed from Jonas Snider family Bible, 1876 HM 2.55 (s.c.)

Snyder Family. Joseph Schneider family Bible. BS239 1854

Steckle Family. Records removed from Henry Steckle family Bible, ca. 1871. HM 2.47 (s.c.)

Weber Family. Records photocopied from Abraham and Daniel Weber family Bibles. HM 2.29 (s.c.)

Weber Family. Records removed from Benjamin Weber family Bible, n.d. HM 2.57 (s.c.)


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