This page lists Mennonite genealogical databases compiled by volunteers. Some are available via open access on the Internet, while others are available only at the Milton Good Library.

Russian Mennonite ancestry

Grandma : Genealogical registry and database of Mennonite ancestry. Fresno, Calif. : Genealogy Project Committee of the California Mennonite Historical Society. Includes over 1.4 million names of people of Russian Mennonite ancestry. All data is contributed by volunteers. Access the full database by subscription to the California Mennonite Historical Society, or onsite for free at the Milton Good Library. Partial listings for individuals (if you know their GRANDMA number) are available online for free at Grandma's Window. From the Grandma's Window page, you can also pay for an individual subscription to the full GRANDMA database, if you are not able to come to our library.

Mennonite Genealogy Resources ( A website with a wealth of resources for Russian Mennonite ancestry.

Black Sea German Research. Black Sea German Research Group. A volunteer site to share Gedcom files and other information about German settlers in different geographic areas around the Black Sea (Crimea, Odessa, Bessarabia, Dobrudscha, and others) and different religious backgrounds (Catholic, Lutheran, Mennonite). This site may be particularly useful for locating Mennonites who left the Soviet Union during the Second World War.

Swiss Mennonite and Amish ancestry

A Biographical History of Waterloo Township / compiled by Ezra Eby, 1895,1896. 
Around 1800, families of Mennonites began to move north from the United States to Canada in search of farm land. Ezra Eby collected family histories from Mennonite pioneer families in Waterloo Township, Ontario, and published these as A Biographical History of Waterloo Township in 1895 and 1896. The book is available digitally through the link above, and in print form at the Milton Good Library.

Ezra Eby Revived! : Ontario Mennonite, Amish and Brethren in Christ Family History / compiled by Allan Detweiler. This web-accessible database updates and continues Ezra Eby's work.

Waterloo Region Generations
This database expands the Biographical History of Waterloo Township work of Ezra Eby to include non-Mennonite residents of Waterloo Region, and adds links from individuals to census and other records.

Rainham Builders: Anabapatist Family Construction on the North Shore of Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada

Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association 
Concentrates on Swiss Anabaptist families in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, though the database is always expanding. A membership fee is required to access the database. See their website for details.

Amish Mennonites of Canada
These Genealogical Introductions of 128 family names of all the known Amish Mennonite immigrants who settled or passed through Upper Canada (Ontario) in the 1800’s are built upon the research of Lorraine Roth (deceased 2013) of Tavistock, Ontario. Before her death, Lorraine gave Bruce Jantzi a copy of her digital files and permission to update and publish her work as new information is found. (from the website). Roth's original files are available in print form at the Mennonite Archives of Ontario.


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