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Title: Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario fonds

Dates of creation: 1909-1988

Physical description: 3.4 m of textual records

Administrative history: The Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario (MMBO) was organized on September 11, 1929 and chartered the same year. It was given jurisdiction over "the rural and city mission work, sewing circles, junior investments, finance board and the support of home and foreign fields" of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. The Board was formed to consolidate the work of the City Mission Board (1907), the Ontario Board of Mennonite Finance (1911) and Mennonite Board of Rural Missions (1915).

In 1935, representatives of the Ontario Amish Mennonite Conference (Western Ontario Mennonite Conference) were added to the Board. Relations between the two groups in the area of missions was strengthened when the executives of the MMBO and Amish Mennonite Mission Board met to discuss mutual interests in London, Ontario. MMBO expanded beyond Ontario when it took over responsibility for the work in Quebec from the Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities in 1963 (mission workers were first sent to Quebec in 1956).

Further inter-conference cooperation was established in 1967 when the Mennonite Mission and Service Board was created. Membership included the Mennonite Conference of Ontario, Conference of the United Mennonite Churches of Ontario, the Western Ontario Mennonite Conference, Mennonite Central Committee Ontario and Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church.

In 1965, MMBO dismantled its standing committees and moved to a system of ad hoc committees appointed by the executive. In 1983, the Board, though retaining its charter, became the Missions Committee of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario and Quebec. In 1987, MMBO merged with the Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada, and ended its incorporated status. 

Custodial history: Acquisitions have been received from time to time from various executive and staff members of the MMBO. Where known, the individual donors of files are indicated in the file list, below.

Scope and content: Contains the minutes, reports, constitutions, policies, correspondence and working files of MMBO and its antecedent organizations, the City Mission Board, Ontario Board of Mennonite Finance and Mennonite Board of Rural Missions. MMBO minutes and reports were also printed in the Calendar of appointments of the Mennonite Church in Ontario and it's subsequent publications, located in the Milton Good Library.
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Notes: The MMBO fonds was re-appraised and re-organized in 2012-2013. Duplicate items were removed and a more detailed file list created. The original file list is as follows:

  1. Printed reports, programs, etc.
  2. Executive Committee and Secretary's Records
  3. Treasurer's reports (These records were re-appraised in 2009. II-3-2.2 Boxes II and III "Journal Entries" were withdrawn.)
  4. Chairperson's records
  5. Field Man's records
  6. Mission Committee Consultants
  7. Secretary of Literature Evangelism
  8. Rural Committee
  9. City Committee

Description created by Laureen Harder-Gissing in 2013.

File list:

Series 1: City Mission Board/ Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario City Committee

Administrative history: The City Mission Board was formed by the Mennonite Conference of Ontario in 1907 to administer the Toronto Mennonite Mission. In 1965, the City Committee was discontinued, replaced by a system of ad hoc committees to concentrate on certain areas of development.

  1. Toronto Mennonite Mission meeting minutes, 1909-1910, 1909-1927
  2. City Committee meeting minutes, 1945-1965 (incomplete)
  3. City Committee correspondence, 1950s
  4. Mennonite Gospel Mission (Danforth)
  5. Ellesmere Mennonite Mission (Scarborough)
  6. Warden Park 1951-1959
  7. Morningside Mennonite Church (Toronto)
  8. Jewish mission work in Toronto
  9. Harbour Rescue Mission (Hamilton)
  10. Sudbury
  11. Sudbury - Rockhaven
  12. Early Quebec work, 1957-1958 (J.B. Martin file)
  13. Quebec correspondence, 1961-1962

Series 2: Ontario Board of Mennonite Finance/ Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario Finance Committee

Administrative history: Incorporated in 1911, the Board was formed to legally receive and dispose of property donated or willed to the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. After 1929, it became the Finance Committee of the MMBO. In 1970 "since the Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario no longer has its own finance committee" the executive requested that the Mennonite Conference of Ontario Stewardship and Finance Committee be "the advisory committee for the investment portfolio" of the MMBO.

  1. Letters patent, 23 Nov 1911, 17 Aug 1929
  2. Solicitor's book kept by Samuel S. Bowman, 1912-1913
  3. Financial records, 1911-1929 (2 volumes), 1929-1938 (in oversize box)
  4. Minutes, 1911-1930, 1944-1946, 1948-1954, 19 Dec 1960, 5 Feb 1968. See also II-3.5/1 and II-3.5/2.
  5. Christian stewardship : wills or trust settlements / Kitchener : Finance Committee, 1938, 1951
  6. Statement or Return of Affairs, 1925 (in oversize box)

Series 3: Mennonite Board of Rural Missions of Ontario/Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario Rural Committee

Administrative history: The Mennonite Board of Rural Missions of Ontario was formed in 1915 in response to rural congregations in need of ministerial assistance. The board's objectives were to "systematize and extend the work of evangelisation," to "establish and supervise Sunday Schools and congregations in needy places," and to "encourage and aid weak congregations." It received and distributed donations for these purposes. The board was responsible to the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. In 1929, this board became the "Rural Committee" of the newly formed Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario. In 1965, the rural committee was discontinued, replaced by a system of ad hoc committees to concentrate on certain areas of development.

  1. Constitution and bylaws of the Mennonite Board of Rural Missions of Ontario
  2. Annual meeting programs, 1917-1919, 1924-1929
  3. Minutes and reports, 1914-1929 (in oversize box)
  4. Financial records, 1917-1929
  5. Historical notes
    Note: Includes a paper entitled "The record of rural missions in Ontario," [1939?], and a list of rural Mennonite missions.
  6. Rural Committee minutes, 1945, 1946, 1949-1961-1963 (incomplete). See also II-3.5/1.
  7. Rural Committee miscellaneous correspondence and records, 1947-1959
  8. Rural Committee mission files:
    Glen Allen
    Copper Cliff
    McArthur's Mills and Fort Stewart

Series 4: Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario Reports and Programs

Administrative history: Beginning in 1970, the MMBO annual meetings were incorporated into the annual meeting of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. Meeting minutes are printed in the Mennonite Conference of Ontario annual reports.

  1. Programs and Brochures, 1930-1969, 1970, 1971
  2. Annual reports and/or minutes, 1932, 1934, 1942, 1944, 1946?], 1947, 1949-1952, 1955-1969, 1980 (notes only)
  3. Constitutions and policies
    Scope and content: Includes constitutions and policy statements, many are undated. A statement of philosophy (1978) and several chronologies are also included.

Series 5: Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario Executive Committee and Secretary's Records

Administrative history: The officers of the executive committee were elected from nominees by the Personnel Committee of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario. The executive committee appointed ad hoc committees as desired.

  1. Executive minutes, 1929-1939
    Note: Bound book also includes Annual Meeting minutes, Rural Committee minutes (1929-1939), Finance Committee minutes (1930-1939).
  2. Executive minutes, 1939-1946 (in oversize box)
    Note: Also contains minutes of the Finance, City and Rural committees.
  3. Executive minutes, 1945-1960
  4. Executive minutes, 1961-1963
  5. Executive minutes, 1964-1969
  6. Executive minutes, 1970-1975
  7. Executive minutes, 1976-1980
  8. Executive minutes, 1981-1987
  9. Joint Committee minutes, 1945-1958
  10. Mission Board Council minutes, 1954-1959
  11. Executive correspondence, [19--], 1916, 1919, 1920-1924, 1926-1927, 1929-1936, 1939-1978, 1980-1986
  12. Joint Meeting of Mennonite Mission Boards, 1964-1967
    Note: Includes discussions of joint projects in Sudbury and northern Ontario missions.
  13. Warden Woods and the Executive Committee, 1964-1969
    Note: Includes minutes of the Operations, Building, and Programme Development committees.
  14. Warden Woods Administrative Council, 1970-1977, 1983-1985
  15. Warden Woods Administrative Council, 1984-1985 (restricted file)
  16. Questionnaire to be filled out by all workers under the Board, 1953
  17. Doctrinal examination for prospective missionaries
  18. Promotional bulletin covers, 1978-1980
  19. Promotion and Ownership Committee, 1981-1984
  20. Long term planning, 1981, 1985-1986 
    Note: Includes records of MBBO's goal setting activities in 1981, along with minutes, reports and news clippings related to the Ten-Year Goals for the Mennonite Church, 1985-1986.
  21. Bookrack evangelism, 1967-1968, 1970-1971
  22. Questionnaire to congregations re use of booklet "Evangelism through small groups"
  23. Voluntary Service Units Committee
  24. Spiritual Life and Outreach Committee
  25. Mission Board Executive Philosophy Session, 1968
  26. Danforth Mennonite Church and O'Connor Community, 1970-1975
  27. Mission Rally, 1976, 1978
  28. Flyers, etc. from Mennonite Board of Missions
  29. Warden Woods Capital Fund Drive, 1968
  30. Willowgrove/Glenbrook
  31. Arnold Gingrich Memorial Fund
  32. Discussion on new church in Kitchener-Waterloo, 1977-1978
  33. Grand Bend Coffee House
  34. 15 Tobermory (Jane Finch)
  35. Missions Festival, 1985
  36. Committee on Christian Vocation, Canadian Council of Churches
  37. 10 Days for World Development materials
  38. Meeting the needs of older persons in Ontario, draft report, 1981
  39. Partnering Congregations, 1982
  40. Mission Week materials, 1965, 1967, 1969
  41. Miscellaneous items, [19--]
  42. Montreal - House of Friendship
  1. Board minutes, 1973-1979
  2. Newton Gingrich correspondence, 1974-1979
  3. Administrative committee minutes, 1975-1976
  4. Miscellaneous papers and reports
  5. Mile End West projects, Montreal

43. Mennonite Mission and Service Board
Administrative history: The board was created in 1967 to co-ordinate inter-Mennonite mission efforts in Ontario.
Note: File removed. See XXVIII-3.1 for MMSB records.

44. Ad hoc committee to study incorporation of MMBO with the Mennonite Conference of Ontario, 1980-1982

Series 6: Treasurer's Records

Note: Most monthly statements and routine correspondence were withdrawn.

  1. Financial statements, 1929-1961, 1963-1969, 1971-1973, 1975-1982, 1984
  2. Junior investment and savings returns, 1932-1941
  3. Mission savings banks, 1949-1954
  4. Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1929-1955, 1961-1968
  5. Companies Information Act returns, 1943, 1947-1953, 1955-1956, 1959 (in oversize box)
  6. Financial reports from the Toronto City Mission, 1929-1946 (in oversize box)
  7. Account books, 1932-1938, 1934-1940 (in oversize box)
  8. Mennonite Broadcasts, Inc., 1967-1968
  9. Investment program, 1967
  10. Soloman S. Gehman estate

Series 7: Field Man records

Administrative history: In 1956, the position of field man was created. The role was held by Simon Martin (1957- ), City Mission Superintendent Emerson McDowell, Rural Mission Superintendent Newton Gingerich (1959-1963), Rural Mission Superintendent Osiah Horst (1962-1963) Field Man/Field Secretary Arnold Gingrich (1963-1969). In 1968/1969, a new administrative model was implemented. The field man was replaced with district overseers who were to visit the workers together with their Mission Board appointee. However, the term "field man" persisted.

Custodial history: The following files were identified as created by Arnold Gingrich: 2, 3, 5-8, 30-34. File 28 was created by Rufus Jutzi.

  1. Field Man reports, 1963-1969
  2. Minden, 1959-1970
  3. Hagerman, 1964-1970
  4. Warden Park/Warden Woods, 1963-1968
  5. Bothwell, 1960-1966
  6. Exeter, 1960-1964
  7. Moosonee, 1961-1965
  8. Markstay, 1960-1962
  9. Sudbury, 1962-1965
  10. Missions Week material, 1956, 1957, 1968
  11. Missions Week material, 1969
  12. Field Man, 1968
  13. Strategy in mission, 1964-1967
  14. Mission Board support schedules, 1964-1969
  15. Field Man, 1969-1970
  16. Morningside, 1968-1969
  17. Hanover, 1965-1970
  18. Quebec, 1964
  19. Quebec, 1966-1968
  20. Quebec, 1968-1969
  21. Montreal, 1969-1970
  22. Montreal publications
    Scope and content: This folder contains the following publications: Family Service Association of Montreal Annual Report, 1967; An ecological study of social pathology in Montreal / Raymond Prince. --Montreal: Urban Social Redevelopment Project, 1966; Planning for services to families and children in greater Montreal / National Study Service New York. --[Montreal] : Montreal Council of Social Agencies, 1967; Expropriation '67 : a teaching record for training students of community organization / Bryan M. Knight, --Montreal: McGill University School of Social Work, 1968
  23. Montreal work camp, 1968
  24. Quebec radio, 1964-1966
  25. Joliette, 1963-1969
  26. French Canada, papers and notes, 1965
  27. Quebec addresses, 1970
  28. Quebec field man
    1. Correspondence, 1973-1974
    2. Montreal Service Program Board, 1973
    3. Duluth Street Project, 1967-1973
    4. Quebec field man reports, 1966-1973
    5. Finances, 1971-1973
    6. French literature, 1973
    7. Joliette, 1961-1973
    8. Miscellaneous, 1969-1970
    9. Montreal North, 1964-1973
    10. Sken-nen camp, 1971-1973
    11. Montreal North voluntary service, 1963-1969
  29. Field Man, miscellaneous
    Note: Includes "Mennonite census of non-resident members," November 1964
  30. McArthur's Mills, 1960-1969, 1970, 1972
  31. Monetville, 1959-1965. 1970-1972
  32. Listowel, 1964-1969
  33. Glen Allan, 1961-1963
  34. Ayr (Calvary), 1961-1970
  35. Hunta, 1971

Series 8: Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario Mission Consultants

Administrative history: Hubert and June Schwartzentruber were hired as MMBO staff persons in 1979. June died in 1984. Sue Steiner was interim Mission Consultant from July 1985 to April 1986.

  1. King/Bay Chaplaincy - Toronto
  2. Hunger and food concerns
  3. World Conference on Religion and Peace
  4. Ontario Mission/Service Ministries
  5. Toronto City Mission
  6. Continuing Education (Conrad Grebel)
  7. Mission Leaders seminar, Dec 1983
  8. Mennonite Credit Union, Toronto
  9. Mississippi retreat, Oct 1984
  10. IMPACT (Inter-Mennonite Program for Alternative Careers Training)
  11. Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp and Retreat Centre
  12. Hugh Folkes
  13. Peacemaking
  14. Waymeet Learner's Market
  15. Church planting materials
  16. Church and Ministry class
  17. Canadian mission leaders
  18. Fraser Lake Camp
  19. Emergency shelters (Toronto)
  20. Miscellaneous
  21. Community services (St. Clair O'Connor)
  22. Herald Omnibus Bible Series : Exploring the Jesus Life
    Note: Contains correpondence re Hubert and June Schwartzentruber as authors of the Grade 3 section. Published curriculum is located in the Milton Good Library.
  23. Foundation Series
  24. Directors' support group
  25. Council of The Mennonite Centre (Toronto)
  26. Congregations in Suburbia Consultation, 1983
  27. Malawi
  28. Native concerns
  29. Peace activities
  30. Synapses messages
    Note: Copies of this journal are located in the Milton Good Library.
  31. Victim Offender Reconciliation Program
  32. Story book
  33. What does love look like?
    Note: Copy of Love is the greatest / by June Schwartzentruber. --Nappanee, IN : Evangel Press, 1979 was withdrawn. A copy is located in the Milton Good Library.
  34. Families for Justice
  35. Discipleship Workshops: Focus on Justice
  36. Peace workshops
  37. Ontario-Quebec Mennonite Leader's Retreat, 1982
  38. Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario Fraser Lake Retreat, 1981
  39. Consultation on Theology and Service, 1984
  40. Consultation on Home Missions, 1980
  41. Consultation on Home Missions, 1981
  42. Consultation on Home Missions, 1985
  43. Congress on Urban Ministry, Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE), 1984
  44. "The small church : between mission and survival" seminar, 1983

    44.1. Canadian Council of Churches Inter-Church Committee, 1982-1984
  45. Pastors' workshop, 1985
  46. Family Life Consultation, 1976
  47. Conversations on Faith II, 1985
  48. Assembly on Peace Church Evangelism, 1984
  49. Alive '85: Evangelism and Church Growth in Action, 1985
  50. Seminars. Urban Seminar, 1983; Canadian Urban Training Project for Christian Service
  51. St. Clair O'Connor Community
  52. MCC Ontario Community Service Committee
  53. Mission Board retreat, Camp Emmaus, 1979
  54. Quebec-Ontario retreat, 1983
  55. York County Mennonite Ministerial Association
  56. Youth Transition Retreat, 1984
  57. David Leung
  58. Workshop at Landis Valley Mennonite Church, 1985
  59. Voluntary Service Support Group - St. Clair O'Connor
  60. Staff Evaluation - St Clair O'Connor
    Note: Performance evaluation of a specific individual was removed.
  61. Nuclear concerns
  62. Salvation Army
  63. Student Services
  64. Sunbelt Strategy Conference, 1983
  65. Overseas Missions Seminar hosting materials, 1985
  66. Outgoing correspondence, 1979-1980
  67. Work schedules and reports, 1980-1982
  68. Interim Missions Consultant, 1985-1986

Series 9: Secretary of Literature Evangelism

  1. Correspondence
  2. Tracts, publications

Series 10: President's records

Scope and content: These records were gathered by Rufus Jutzi during his time as MMBO president. Most correspondence found in these files has been integrated with II-3.5/11: Executive correspondence.

  1. Rufus Jutzi, 1966-1968
    Mennonites and community organization : a possibility, [19--]
    Bishop C. F. Derstine Evangelistic Memorial Fund policy
    Canadian Inter-Faith Conference, 1965-1967
    MCC (Ontario) Peace Section
  2. Rufus Jutzi, 1963-1967
    Bethel (Bothwell, Ont.), Calvary (Ayr, Ont.), Calvary (Monetville, Ont.), Danforth, Hanover, Listowel, Markstay, McArthur's Mills, Montreal North, Morningside, North Road Chapel (Minden, Ont.)
  3. Correspondence re Quebec Mission, 1962-1965
  4. Personnel materials, 1963-1967
  5. Toronto Project (Warden Woods) Investigation, 1963-1969

Series 11: History

  1. Miscellaneous historical essays and notes

Series 12: Tilman and Janet Martin files

Administrative history: After a short term at Waters in Sudbury, Tilman and Janet Martin moved to Quebec in 1956 where they served 46 years on behalf of the Mennonite Board of Missions, and later the Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario.

Custodial history: The original Martin files were received from the Martin family, photocopied, and then transferred to the care of La Société Mennonite Historique du Québec.

  1. Quebec tour report, 1954
  2. Correspondence with Elkhart office, 1957-1961
  3. Correspondence with Floradale Church, 1958-1962
  4. Correspondence with Secretary for Literature, 1960-1963
  5. Quebec Committee, 1962-1963
  6. Correspondence with Field Man, 1956-1979
  7. Letters of Interest
  8. Correspondence with St. Jacob's Mennonite Church, 1956-1961
  9. Correspondence with J. D. Graber, 1956-1962
  10. Activities reports to Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities, 1958-1962
  11. Correspondence with Nelson Kauffman, 1957-1962
  12. Correspondence with Women's Missionary and Service Commission, 1958-1977
  13. City of Montreal North = Cite de Montreal-Nord property and school taxes, 1960-1963
  14. Abjurations, 1961-1964
    Note: File contains renunciations of the Roman Catholic Church
  15. Correspondence re Hidden Rainbow translation, 1963-1966
  16. Correspondence re Paroles de Vie radio program, 1957-1960
  17. Église évangélique mennonite de Montréal-Nord = Mennonite Church of Montreal North, incorporation, 1958-1966
  18. Correspondence with Riverdale Prayer Circle, 1958-1968
  19. Correspondence with Edna Beiler, 1964
  20. Bible Institute of Montreal, 1960-1962
  21. Literature received and sent
  22. Correspondence with Wilson Ewin
  23. Boy's Bible and Craft Club
  24. Home Bible Studies courses
  25. Correspondence re Voluntary Service, 1958-1969
  26. Correspondence with Mennonite Board of Missions, 1956-1962
  27. New Year's letters from Tilman and Janet Martin, 1956-1976
  28. Christian Workers Meetings, Markstay, 1954-1955
  29. Camp Melhurst
  30. Summer Bible School
  31. Support for Martin Children, 1954-1968
  32. Quebec Every Home Crusade, 1960-1965


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