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Scope and content: Contains research notes on historical and genealogical topics of interest to Roth. Also includes genealogical correspondence with various individuals.

Series 4: Lorraine Roth research files

  1. Civil registrations, births, pre 1869-1886
    Note: Includes Bishop Litwiller’s civil registrations (pre 1869) and Ontario civil registrations (1869-1886).
  2. Civil registrations, marriages, 1869-1902
  3. Civil registrations, deaths, 1869-1899
  4. Marriage and death records
    Scope and content: Includes marriage records for: Wellington District, 1840-1849; Perth County, 1858-1869; East Zorra Township, Dec 1895-1896). Death records for: East Zorra (Oxford County); Wellesley (Waterloo county); Ellice township (Perth County); Waterloo County, 1870-1872. Copy of Waterloo county deaths (1870-1872) was withdrawn; copy available at the Milton Good Library.
  5. Wilmot Amish Mennonite records
    Scope and content: Marriage, baptism, birth, and death records. Includes “Wilmot Amish Mennonite Congregational records: marriages, baptisms, ordinations by Bishops Peter Litwiller, John Gascho, Daniel Steinman, Moses O. Jantzi and others, 1855-1940.
  6. Family History Centre (LDS)
    Scope and content: Contains birth, marriage and death records from late 18th century and 19th century France
  7. Notes on East Zorra census (1851, 1861, 1871, 1881) and Blandford Census (1901)
  8. Notes on Wilmot census (1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891) and Wellesley Census (1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891)
  9. Cassel Mennonite Church 75th anniversary, 2010
    Note: Includes list of charter members
  10. Kropf Baden Pioneer Cemetery
    Note: Includes correspondence re history of the cemetery and construction of a memorial cairn
  11. Hay Township cemeteries
    Scope and content: Notes on Hay Township highlights, 1846-1996.
    Note: Copies of Cemeteries of the Hay Amish Mennonite Congregation and the Zurich Mennonite Church, Huron County, Zurich, Ontario; Zurich Mennonite Cemetery (con. 10 lot 8); Amish Mennonite Cemetery (con. 12 lot 28) transferred to Archives.
  12. Wellesley cemeteries
  13. Poole Mennonite cemetery
  14. Maple View Mennonite cemetery
  15. Wellesley Amish cemetery
  16. Michigan cemeteries
  17. Bethel Conservative Mennonite cemetery
  18. Edgecomb Amish cemetery
  19. Fairhaven Amish Mennonite cemetery
  20. Morningview Amish cemetery
  21. Perth County cemeteries (Non-Mennonite)
  22. Tavistock cemeteries
  23. Wilmot cemeteries
  24. Steinman cemetery
  25. Wilmot Centre cemetery
  26. “The Early History of Wilmot township”, 2009
    Note: Speech given by Lorraine Roth to the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario, Waterloo Chapter, 23 Apr 2009
  27. Notes on Canada Company settlers on lands
  28. Wilmot and Wellesley maps
  29. "From the Wolves to the Roths: the story of Lot 19, North Snyder's Road, Wilmot Township"
  30. Parry Sound District Cemetery Indexes (Lount and Machar Townships)
  31. Southern Ontario Land Divisions and Records
  32. East Zorra alphabetical list of settlers
  33. East Zorra land records by lot and concession
  34. Amish Mennonite Settlers in South Easthope, East Zorra, and North Easthope
  35. History of Amish Mennonite Settlement in East Zorra Township, 2007
    Scope and content:  A presentation to the Tavistock and District Historical Society
  36. East Zorra key to map
    Note: Map not in file
  37. Lists and maps of origins of pioneer immigrants
  38. East Zorra Mennonite Church history notes
  39. Huron County
    Scope and content: Includes items related to Hay Township, Stanley Township, Stephen Township (at Dashwood). Includes photocopies of excerpts of Hay township highlights: 150 years of diversified progress, 1846-1966. See also Hay Township maps located in
  40. Blake Amish Mennonite Cemetery
    Note: May 2009 transcription moved to the Archives
  41. Perth County
    Scope and content: Census and land records of Ellice, Elma, and Downie Townships; Perth County birth, death and marriage records.
  42. Mornington Township
    Scope and content: Includes maps, land records, list of settlers, 1871 and 1881 census notes
  43. South Easthope census
  44. North Easthope records
  45. South Easthope
    Scope and content: Includes general articles, burials, etc.
  46. Amish Mennonite settlers in South Easthope and East Zorra
    Note: Includes Roth’s contributions to the book Country roads: the story of South Easthope, 1827-2000
  47. South Easthope history of lots by concession
    Note: See also map located in
  48. Various South Easthope deeds
  49. Hartlieb School (SS#2 South Easthope) reunion, 17 June 1984
  50. Wilmot land purchases, Block A, concessions 1-4
  51. Wilmot land purchases, Block B, concessions 1-4
  52. Wellesley early settlers and land holdings
  53. Wellesley Township Amish Mennonite settlement
    Note: “Also general [non-Amish Mennonites] and blacks”
  54. Woolwich Township, census (1827-1851) and notes on Amish settlement
  55. Birkenhof Cemetery, Alsace
  56. Anabaptist cemetery markers
    Scope and content: Contains Roth’s correspondence with Werner Enninger about Anabaptist cemeteries in eastern France. Includes a paper by Werner Enninger and Michele Wolff entitled “Anabaptist burial places : a proxemic approach” and a copy of Lieux d’inhumation Mennonites dans l’est de la France (27 October 1990) transferred to the Milton Good Library.
  57. Holly family research
  58. Christian N. and Catherine (Lichti) Roth genealogy
  59. Joseph Roth genealogy
  60. Minnesota 
  61. Old Order Amish immigrants in the Tavistock area, 1960s-1970s
  62. Correspondence with Hilda Martin and Nancy (Schrock) Byler re Oesch and Schrock genealogy
  63. Correspondence with Sharon Cook
  64. Correspondence with Ruth Crockett re Buerge and Gingerich genealogy
  65. Correspondence with Steve and Mary Estes
  66. Correspondence with Marvin Frey and Don D. Kauffman re Roth and Zehr genealogy
  67. Correspondence with Mary Garbin re Schrag and Volhynian genealogy
  68. Correspondence with Dick and Vickie Gascho
  69. Correspondence with Rhonda Gerber
  70. Correspondence with Katie Green re Salzman genealogy
  71. Correspondence with Sam and Kathleen Henry re Jantzi, Ernst genealogy
  72. Correspondence with Rudolph Ingold and Ardys Seppette
  73. Correspondence with Bruce Jantzi
  74. Lefever family, Lancaster County
  75. Correspondence with Paul Kurtz re Stolzfus and Steinman genealogy
  76. Correspondence with Luann Boshart Ladwig re Erb and Steinman genealogy
  77. Correspondence with David S. Lang
  78. Correspondence with Terry Lawson re Kuntze, Schlatter, Miller and Nafziger genealogies
  79. Correspondence with Neil Ann Stuckey Levine, 2002, 2004-2011
  80. Neil Ann Stuckey Levine articles
    Note: The following were withdrawn: “Catherine (Miller) Verly’s Lament,” Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (Jan 1995); “Research in Progress I: the Family of Isaac Wagler (ca. 1730-1804) and Barbara Eymann Wagler (1731-1811) of Muesbach/Muesberg,” Illinois Mennonite Heritage (Jun 1991). Copies are located in the Milton Good Library.
  81. French documents containing Lorentz name
  82. Correspondence with Joanna F. Martin re Christian and Anna Gerber genealogy
  83. Correspondence with J. Virgil Miller
  84. Correspondence with Myrna Park re Schlegel genealogy
  85. Correspondence with Aaron Petersheim re David Petersheim genealogy
  86. Correspondence with Don W. Roth re Roth and Litwiller genealogy in Baden
  87. Correspondence with Ruth (Yantzi) Ryan
  88. Correspondence with Catherine Schlegel
    Note: File included Amish Mennonite Fire and Storm and Union records which have been transferred to the Archives
  89. Correspondence with Anne Augsberger re Schmidt and Lange genealogy
    Note: Brenneman family genealogy predominant
  90. Correspondence with Ardys Serpette re Farni/Farny/Farney genealogy
  91. Correspondence with the Mennonite Historical Library (Goshen, Ind.)
  92. Correspondence with Joe Springer, Mennonite Historical Library (Goshen, Ind.)
  93. Correspondence with Joe Springer re Montbeliard Mennonite Church register
    Note: Includes detailed comments by Roth on the genealogical appendix
  94. Correspondence with Larry Springer
  95. Correspondence with Joseph Stoll
  96. Correspondence with Wendy Wild, 1990-2009
  97. Correspondence with Eunice Yantzi
  98. Correspondence with Mary E. (Henry) and Marie (Paul) Yoder
  99. Correspondence with Gary A. Ziegler re Peter Nafziger and Barbara Lichty
  100. Correspondence with Ruth Thayer re Schwartzentruber and Schmucker genealogy
  101. European research notes, 1985
  102. European research notes, A-K, 1992
  103. European research notes, J-S, 1992
    Note: Includes Roth’s diary of her trip
  104. France and Switzerland research notes, 1992
  105. Emigration lists, Alsace
  106. German Amish Mennonite immigrant lists
  107. Passenger ship lists
  108. Miscellaneous French correspondence, 1970-
  109. German correspondence
    Scope and content: Correspondence with Mariane and Mary Woelke, Dina Dettweiler, Erna Guth, Zehr family of Sarrbourg, Abraham Amstutz, Eva Bonnyai, Liesel Widmer. Contains some genealogical, some personal and travel correspondence.
  110. Correspondence with Marthe Ropp, Wittenheim
  111. Correspondence with Otto and Elisabeth Schanz
  112. Spanish correspondence, 1969-
  113. France
    Note: Research on the Baecher, Koffel families, among others
  114. Correspondence re genealogy, miscellaneous, 2001-2009
  115. Genealogy, miscellaneous anecdotes, notes and sources
  116. Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association (SAGA)
    Note: This association’s research is concentrated in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. The association’s newsletters from 1995-2002 were removed; copies are located in the Milton Good Library.
  117. Haldimand County
    Note: Includes correspondence with Joseph Stoll
  118. Correspondence with Maurice Hebert
  119. Correspondence with Jeanne Nafziger
     Note: Includes history of the village of Imling
  120. Correspondence with Jean Fleury, 1991-1995
    Note: Contains correspondence with Jean Fleury regarding emigrants from Alsace and Lorraine. Also contains two manuscripts by Roth: “Amish/Mennonite immigrants to Ontario, Canada, 1820-1855”; “Les emigrants Mennonites de Lorraine au Canada, 1820-1860.” The second manuscript also lists emigrants from Alsace.
  121. Correspondence with Catherine (Eyer) Peterschmitt,
  122. Correspondence with Michelle Deloye re Jausi, Richely and Berse/Wagler genealogy
  123. Correspondence with David Habegger
  124. Correspondence with Jean (John) and Helene Kennel
  125. Correspondence with Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 1981-2011
    Note: The following were withdrawn: The Mirror (Apr 1982, Aug 1982, Apr 1984, Feb 1986, Apr 1986, Dec 1986, Feb 1988, Feb 1989, Dec 2010, Feb 2008); Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage articles: “The 1744 Strassburg Reprint of the 1536 Zurich Bible” (Apr 2008) and “Census of German Bibles […]” (Oct. 2007). Copies are located in the Milton Good Library.
  126. Correspondence with Mennonite Family History, Lois Ann Mast and Lamar Mast
  127. History vignettes
    Scope and content: Includes several short writings by Roth: “Mystery of the Ober Vogelsberg,” “Frequency of given names of Amish immigrants to Canada,” “Observations on the question of illegitimate births among Anabaptist in Europe,” “Heraldry and coats-of-arms,” ”The industrial revolution and Amish Mennonite migration to Canada,” “Imling: the study of a village,” ”Barns,” “The Waglers and the Anabaptists,” “The French Revolution and its aftermath,” “Montbeliard,” “My little school,” “Rulers sympathetic to Anabaptists,” “The Amish experience in Waldeck,”
    Note: The following articles were withdrawn: “Not totally with honor” (Mennonite Life, Sept 2004); “The value of family history for Mennonite history” (Mennonite Quarterly Review, 1928). Copies are located in the Milton Good Library.
  128. Correspondence with David Kurtz
  129. Reformed Mennonite Church
    Note: Copy of Eine merkwurdige geistliche Erscheinung transferred to Milton Good Library.
  130. Amischen-Mennoniten familien in Canada, die aus Baiern Wanderten, 1995
    Scope and content: List compiled by Roth of Amish-Mennonite families from Bavaria, based on sources by Rudolf (Rudy) Ingold.
  131. Joseph C. Zehr family, 1980
    Scope and content: Hand drawn family trees
  132. Family history and Genealogy of Daniel and Barbara (Roth) Oesch family, 1856-1964
  133. Family history and genealogy of Jacob and Catharine (Roth) Schwartzentruber, 1835-1969
  134. Research by Wendy Wild re Roth / Honderich, Kennel / Ropp, and Waugler genealogy

Erb Genealogy and Indexes (File withdrawn)

  1. Correspondence with Lydia Schmidt, Luella Brown (re Schwartzentruber genealogy), and Nancy Kuepfer (re Jantzi and Kuepfer genealogy)
  2. Archives of the Mennonite Church (Goshen, Ind.) correspondence and file lists
  3. Books belonging to Canadian immigrants in the Archives of the Mennonite Church and Mennonite Historical Library (Goshen, Ind.)
  4. Letters translated by Joe Springer
    Scope and content: Johannes Schwartzentruber to Johannes Gungerich, 11 Sept 1831; John S. Schwartzentruber to David Ebersol 21 Feb 1869; Peter Naffziger to Johannes Gungerich 25 July 1829; Peter Naffziger to Johannes Gungerich 11 Nov 1830; Peter Naffziger to Johannes Gungerich 3 Aug 1831; Peter Naffziger to the Widow Gingrig 2 Sept 1834
  5. Brenneman family correspondence re Melchior Brenneman, Nicolaus Brenneman, Johannes Brenneman
  6. Nancy Kuepfer (Mrs. Menno W.)

Joseph and Anna (Kauffman) Roth reunion records (File transferred to Archives)

  1. Roth family homes (Europe and Canada)
  2. Correspondence with Kathryn Aschliman
  3. Correspondence with Robert Baecher
  4. Correspondence 2012
  5. Zehr photo collection of European sites, 1999-2001
    Note: Complied by Paul M. Zehr and Mary Zehr
  6. History talks given at Cassel Mennonite Church, 2007
  7. Roth ancestry charts from Nancy Burkhard
  8. Brief history of "The Maples" by Lorraine Roth
  9. Family and Ministry of Gordon Schrag by Lorraine Roth, 2011
  10. David R. Kennel and Leona Kennel research correspondence
  11. Correspondence of several Canadian Amish Mennonites and Peter Graber, Allen County, Indiana, 1865-1872
  12. Schwartzentruber family reunion, 2004
  13. Notebook containing genealogical information

Schultz / Schartzentruber research (photos) (File withdrawn)

  1. Trip to Europe, 1985
  2. Bishop John Gascho letters
    Note: The following was withdrawn: Ontario Mennonite History (v.XI n. 1). Copy available in the Milton Good Library.
  3. AFHAM (Association Francaise d’Histoire Anabaptiste Mennonite)
  4. Ontario – Alsace Association
  5. Alsace research and workshops
  6. Alsace notes, articles, and souvenances
    Note: The following was withdrawn: Conococheague Mennonist Summer 1998 and Fall 1998. Copies are located in the Milton Good Library
  7. Alsace history and geography
  8. AFHAM Souvenance notes and translations
  9. Heritage Historical Library (Aylmer, Ont.) correspondence, 1981-2010
  10. Leroy Beachy project
    Scope and content: Correspondence re Roth’s comments and corrections to a draft of Beachy’s index to Unser Leit: the story of the Amish
  11. Correspondence with Bryan Bechler
  12. Correspondence with Urie Bender
  13. Correspondence with Nancy Burkard
  14. Burkard lists re Bellar, Steckly, and Ropp genealogy
  15. Correspondence with John M. Byler
  16. Church of God in Christ (Mennonite) and Church of the Brethren
  17. Henry Egly
    Scope and content: Includes information on the “Egly Amish”, Defenseless Mennonite Church, Evangelical Mennonite Church, Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
  18. Illinois
    Notes: Issues of Illinois Mennonite Heritage were withdrawn (v.22 n.1-2, v. 35 n.4, v.38 n.2, v.39 n.2). Copies are located in the Milton Good Library.
  19. Records from Davis County, Iowa
  20. Iowa Archives
  21. Somerset County, Maryland
  22. Missouri
  23. Nebraska
  24. Correspondence with Luella Moshier re Lewis County, New York Amish genealogy
  25. Presentations about Oregon
  26. Oregon
  27. Miscellaneous notes on the history of various denominations
  28. “I saw it in The Budget” / Elmer S. Yoder
  29. Notes on emigration and immigration via the Atlantic Ocean
  30. Notes about the “Documents of Brotherly Love”
  31. European and Alsace notes
    Note: The following articles were withdrawn: “The Bernese Anabaptists in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines” Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (Jul 1980); The heritage of the Swiss Volhynian Mennonites by Solomon Stucky; “The Amish Mennonites in Bavaria” Mennonite Quarterly review (Apr 1982); “The grain mill in Neckarburken: branching of the Landis family in the Neckar Valley of Baden” Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (Oct 1995); “Mennonites in Europe (2): Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mennonitischer Gemeinden in Deutschland (AMG)” Mennonite Reporter (5 Feb 1996); “Mennonites in Europe (4): Konferenz der Mennoniten der Schweiz (Alttaufer) Mennonite Reporter (4 Mar 1996); “Mennonites in Europe (5): smaller European groups” Mennonite Reporter (18 Mar 1996); “Peace church heritage got lost in Europe” / Margaret Loewen Reimer, Mennonite Reporter (19 Feb 1996); “Association des Eglises Evangeliques Mennonites de France” by Margaret Loewen Reimer. Copies are located in the Milton Good Library.
  32. Ontario notes
    Note: Copy of Paths of History in Perth and Huron by John Martin and Anthony L. Kearsley withdrawn. Copy located in the Milton Good Library.
  33. Notes from newspapers Tavistock Gazette and Berliner Journal
  34. Notes from Waterloo County newspapers
  35. Notes and photocopies from Canada Museum
  36. Notes and photocopies from Der Deutsche Canadier
  37. Items of local historical interest, including the Fryfogel Inn in Tavistock
  38. Trip to Butler and Homes counties, Ohio, 1995
  39. Ohio
    Note: The following was withdrawn: photocopy of History of the Mennonites of Butler County / W. H. Grubb. Trenton, Ohio : W. H. Grubb, 1916
  40. Trips to Pennsylvania, 1996, 2005
  41. Newspaper clippings of local historical interest
  42. List of rare books given to Roth
    Note: Copy of Erstes Lese-und Lehrbuch fur Deutsche Schulen is located in the Milton Good Library.
  43. Stratford Normal School
  44. Stratford Festival Theatre production of “The Quiet in the Land,” 2003
  45. Trip to Washington (National Archives), Baltimore (Harbour) and Germantown, Pa.
  46. Ontario travel
    Note: Copy of A Guide to Pleasant Places and Journeys of Historic Interest within the County of Waterloo withdrawn. Copy located in the Milton Good Library.
  47. Notes and correspondence with the National Archives of Canada
  48. Miscellaneous translations
  49. Notes regarding the Witzel family
  50. Notes for local history tours
  51. Olga Kennel and Christian Jutzi letter collection
  52. Ruby family charts and photocopies of documents
  53. Oxford County, East Zorra Township, and Blandford
  54. Riser / Reschly burial plot
  55. Riser / Reschly Cemetery, John Ulrich sale document (oversize documents)
  56. Amish settlers in Woolwich Township (oversize documents)
  57. Miscellaneous European documents (oversize documents)
  58. Oaths of Allegiance
    Note: Withdrawn from file: Families (v.19,nos. 2-3). Articles about the Upper Canada naturalization records.
  59. Benjamin Eby research (oversize)
    Note: Contains source materials for article appearing in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (Apr 1986)
  60. Nineteenth century Amish letters from Waterloo and Wilmot townships (photocopies; oversize documents)
    Note: File formerly arranged as Hist.Mss.1.117.1/1
  61. Genealogie Lorraine articles and notes
  62. Notebook from European trips, 1969-1970, 1985

204. Illinois Mennonite Heritage notes

  1. Mennonite in Canada correspondence and comments, vol. II
    Note: The following article was removed and can be located in the Milton Good library: “Telling the Canadian Mennonite Story” Mennonite Reporter 26:22:9
  2. Mennonites in Canada correspondence and comments, vol. III
  3. Congregational Historians’ workshops, 1989, 1993
    Note: The following MCEC delegate mailings were withdrawn and can be found in XXIX-1: 1986 (includes draft of “Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada: an introduction”), 1988,1989, 2006. MCEC historical committee minutes, 1988, were also withdrawn.
  4. Correspondence re Mennonite Encyclopedia article “Women, status of”
  5. Historical clippings and events, mostly Anabaptist/Mennonite
    Note: The following were removed and can be found in the Milton Good Library: Christian History (IV: 1); Gospel Herald (5 Mar 1983); The Mennonite Librarian and Archivist (Spring 1984, Fall 1984, Fall 1985, Fall 1986); Conference Historian Newsletter (Spring 1984, Fall 1984, Summer 1985, Fall 1985, Summer 1986, Spring 1987); Anabaptist Times (Jul-Oct, 1991); OMHGS newsletter (Sept 1988); The trail of the Conestoga: Waterloo County centennial, 1852-1952; Espelkamp : the Mennonite Central Committee shares in community building in a new settlement for German refugees
  6. Bicentennial Commission and Amish Mennonite tours
    Note: Bicentennial publicity publications and minutes were removed. Copies are located in XV-56/11.
  7. Historical Committee of the Mennonite Church, 1985-
    Note: The following map was withdrawn: Mennonites of South Eastern Pennsylvania. See Hist.Mss. 8.14
  8. Women’s Missionary and Service Auxiliary 1965-1969; Women’s Missionary and Service Commission, 1972-1983
    Note: The following were removed and can be found in II-5-4: Spring Meeting (7 May 1968); WMSC constitution (1959, rev. 1974); WMSC Fall Meeting (15 Oct 1983). The following were removed and can be found in the Milton Good Library: WMSA 1985-1967; WMSC 1895-1983; Devotional Guide [WMSC] 1974-1975.
  9. Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario, 1985-2006
    Note: The following were removed and can be found in XV-30: general mailings to members, membership lists, minutes, programs and the following unpublished papers: “The Mennonites in Essex County” (XV-30.4.11) and “Mennonite Historical Society Bus Trip” (XV-30.4.15).
  10. Education Programs 1996, Waterloo-Wellington Museum and Gallery Educators
    Note: Includes Brubacher House
  11. Western Ontario Mennonite Youth Fellowship historical essay contest, 1974
    Scope and content: Contains Roth’s notes and two essays: “Biography of Bishop Daniel S. Jutzi, 1873-1960” by Fred M. Lichti; “Amos Swartzentruber : first missionary of W.O. Conference” by Tony Bender.
  12. Kitchener Public Library, Grace Schmidt Room
  13. History and genealogy talks, 1993, 2001, 2002
  14. East Zorra Mennonite Church anniversary, 1987
    Scope and content: Contains sets of Roth’s 1987 bulletin covers, as well as talks by Roth and other anniversary notes on East Zorra’s 150th anniversary
  15. East Zorra Sunday School class, 1990, 1991
  16. Hillcrest Sunday School, 1991
  17. Historical notes and resources
    Note: “taken from readings following 1969/70 European sojourn (in preparation for sesquicentennial)”
  18. Jubilate 100 Mission Festival = the Great Mission Expedition, 1993
  19. Genealogy seminars, 1990, 1993, 1996
  20. Correspondence with Rudolph B. Janzi and others re Jacob Gascho
  21. “Tradition and transition: an Amish Mennonite heritage of obedience” conference, 1993
    Note: Roth presented a paper at this conference entitled “The Amish in Ontario: many strands and common vision”; proceedings are located in the Milton Good Library.
  22. Amish Mennonite Conference leadership changes (restricted file)
    Scope and content: Correspondence and paper by Roth entitled “Leadership changes in the (Amish) Mennonite community in Ontario from the mid to the end of the twentieth century: the East Zorra experience”
    Note: File restricted by Roth until 2019
  23. Amish, Milverton
    Note: “Alms book of Joseph B. Jantzi” transcription by David Luthy transferred to Archives
  24. “Amish settlers in Mexico” by Ann Towell
  25. Amish correspondence and talks at St. Clair O’Connor, Mississauga Mennonite Fellowship
  26. Amish Elderhostel series at Conrad Grebel College
  27. Amish division  in Ontario and Johannes Gascho letters,  1993
  28. Research on New York families by Lyndecher/Lyndaker sent by Ralph Lehman re Baechler, Kennel, Lehman, Zehr genealogies
  29. Schwartzentruber correspondence
  30. Descendants of Johannes Gingerich and Catherine Schlabaugh by Mr. and Mrs. David Gerig (photocopy)
  31. Iowa Swartzendrubers
    Scope and content: Children of Jacob and Barbara (Oesch Guengerich) Swartzendruber; A brief history of the George Swartzendruber family / by Kathryn Miller Snyder; Pleasant memories by Nettie Yoder of Grandpa George and Mary Swartzendruber / by Edith Kauffman; Swartzendruber history / by Velma Eash Gingerich
  32. Iowa Swartzentruber archives
    Scope and content: Contains copies of the Elmer Swartzendruber collection of “Swartzendruber family history” from the Mennonite Archives, Kalona, Iowa
  33. Swartzendruber family (Iowa), 1922, 1984
  34. Guth book correspondence
    Scope and content: Correspondence re Amish Mennonites in Germany: their congregations, the estates where they lived, their families by Herman Guth. Roth is listed as a translator.
  35. Cystic Fibrosis research project, 1983-1986
  36. Cystic Fibrosis research project, family charts etc., 1982-1988
  37. Correspondence re Joseph Jantzi book orders and supplements, 1983-1993
  38. Genealogy correspondence A-M, 1986-2000
  39. Genealogy correspondence N-Z, 1986-2000
  40. Genealogy correspondence A-M, 1968-1986
  41. Genealogy correspondence N- Z, 1969-1983
  42. Correspondence, European (misc.), 1985-1999
  43. Answered letters (misc.), 1970-1971
  44. Correspondence re Graff, Charlan Brenneman, Nafziger genealogy
  45. Correspondence with Neil Ann Stuckey Levine, 1991-2003
  46. Correspondence re Lorentz, Jean Francois (Kennel) and related families
  47. Correspondence with Scott McKay re Roth, Christina/Freyenberger genealogy
  48. Correspondence with Joanne Niswander re Verkler, Abresol, Claudon genealogy
  49. Ryan Taylor, columns and talk, 2004
  50. LACAC Heritage designation for Zehr/Wagler Farm, Wilmot
  51. Association for the Preservation of Ontario Land Registry Office Documents (APOLROD)
  52. Correspondence with Delbert Gratz, Bluffton College Historical Library, 1969-1999
  53. Research for an article on Edna Bowman, 1992
  54. Women of Waterloo County book 
  55. “Mennonites and Alternative Service in World War II” conference, 1991
    Note: Includes a paper by Roth, “Conscientious objection to war: Canadian Mennonite women’s experience”
  56. Amish Mennonite sesquicentennial
    Note: “This land is our land” records were withdrawn. See XV-30.2/6.
  57. Ontario Genealogical Society
  58. Ann Hilty correspondence
  59. Schmucker-Smoker-Smucker family, 1976-2002
    Scope and content: Includes correspondence and minutes of meetings regarding the Schmucker-Smoker-Smucker Family Association. Also includes some of Roth’s writings and presentations on the family, as well as her script for a drama written for the 1991 reunion, and lists of Smucker descendants. Copies of the Schmucker-Smoker-Smucker Newsletter were transferred to the Milton Good Library. Reunion packets were transferred to Hist.Mss. 2.31.
  60. Correspondence re John Hewitt and Barbara Wildfang genealogy
  61. Mennonite family registers (oversize documents)
    Scope and content: Photocopy of family register of the Johannes and Catherine (Riehl) Schmidt family. A second photocopied register indicates intermarriages between the following families: Joseph Stockle, Christian Bliehm, Abraham Bechtel, Philip Bliehm. Copies are from the Archives of the Mennonite Church (Goshen, Ind.)
  62. Herman Hoge correspondence
  63. Correspondence with John F. Murray re Roth, Swartzentruber
  64. Correspondence with Mabel Hudson and Frieda Stauffer re Ropp, Rupp, Roth, Wagler families
  65. Notes re Gungerich, Christian Esch, and Nicolaus Brenneman families


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