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Scope and content: Contains photograph albums and scrapbooks created by Lorraine Roth.

Series 7: Scrapbooks and photograph albums

Sub-series 1: Family and community

  1. Photograph album of family and friends, ca. 1900-1955
  2. Photograph album of family, friends and travel, 1940s
  3. Scrapbook of Sydney and Violet Roth's golden wedding, 1973-1975
    Note: Also includes Sydney and Violet Roth's funerals, other anniversary celebrations, cards sent by Lorraine Roth to her parents, etc.
  4. Photograph album of family and the local community, ca. 1959-1971
  5. Photograph album of family and friends, ca. 1955-1957
  6. Photograph album of family and friends, ca. 1950s, 1980s
    Note: Includes photographs of the Schrag family reunion, 1986
  7. Photograph album of friends and community involvements, 1940s
    Note: Includes Ontario Mennonite Bible School, Rockway Mennonite School, Summer Bible Schools in Nairn and Shakespeare
  8. Scrapbook of Violet and Sydney Roth, c. 1920-1975
    Note: Includes correspondence from Violet and Sydney Roth, talks given by Violet Roth, the Roths' trip to Honduras, Violet Roth's baptismal class list (1920). Also includes clippings of interest to Lorraine Roth, such as the Sesquicentennial, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, church events, and mission postings.
  9. Photograph album of family and the Golden Rule bookstore, 1967-1969
  10. Scrapbook of the Sesquicentennial, 1972-1975
  11. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of local and Mennonite interest, 1954-1974
  12. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings of local and Mennonite interest, 1967-1975

Sub-series 2: Trips to Europe and the Middle East

  1. Europe and Middle East, 1952
    Note: See also 1.117.5/70-75
  2. Atlantic Crossing on the Queen Elizabeth 2 and France, 1969
    Note: For Roth's 1969 European trip, see also 1.117.5/76-77
  3. Germany and Austria, 1969
  4. Switzerland and Italy, 1969
  5. Spain, 1969
  6. Hungary, [1969 or 1970]
    Note: See also 1.117.4/109 Eva Bonnyai
  7. Europe, 1985, and Washington, D.C., 1989
    Note: See also 1.117.4/101 and 1.117.4/198

Sub-series 3: Costa Rica and Honduras

  1. Scrapbook of Costa Rica and Panama, 1955
  2. Photograph album of Costa Rica, 1950s
  3. Album of pressed flowers and leaves from Honduras, Ontario, Costa Rica and the United States, 1955-1973
  4. Photograph album of Costa Rica and Honduras, 1950s
  5. Scrapbook of Costa Rica, 1953-1955


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