Barn-Raising Slides: John and Pat Weber, 1978

Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 10.21

Date of creation: 1978

4 sleeves containing 67 35mm colour slides. These slides were created at a barn raising for John and Pat Weber just east of St. Jacobs after a barn fire in early 1978. The slides trace the sequence of the barn raising from 8:00 am to completion at 4:30 pm. The photographer is not identified, but is likely David Hunsberger.

The provenance of the slides is not known.

Created Nov. 1997 by Sam Steiner

  1.     Horse and buggy arriving
  2.     Bringing food
  3.     Unloading food
  4.     Cars and buggies parked
  5.     Buggies parked
  6.     Horses in barn
  7.     Examining site
  8.     Pulling "first bend" into place
  9.     Pulling "first bend" into place
  10.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  11.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  12.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  13.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  14.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  15.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  16.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  17.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  18.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  19.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  20.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  21.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  22.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  23.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  24.     Coordinated efforts raising beams
  25.     Coffee break
  26.     Back to the job
  27.     Back to the job
  28.     Back to the job
  29.     John & Pat Weber
  30.     Foreman (in hard hat)
  31.     Foreman (in hard hat)
  32.     Moving lumber
  33.     Spectators
  34.     Spectators
  35.     Preparing siding
  36.     Preparing siding
  37.     Pastor Glenn Brubacher and Pat Weber
  38.     Women preparing dinner
  39.     Women preparing dinner
  40.     Women preparing dinner
  41.     Mealtime
  42.     Mealtime
  43.     Mealtime
  44.     Mealtime
  45.     Mealtime
  46.     Mealtime
  47.     Kitchen help eats
  48.     Spectators (Doris Kramer in foreground)
  49.     Putting on siding
  50.     Putting on siding
  51.     Putting on siding
  52.     Putting on siding
  53.     Putting on siding
  54.     Putting on siding
  55.     Putting up rafters
  56.     Putting up rafters
  57.     Putting up rafters
  58.     Putting up rafters
  59.     Handing up sheeting
  60.     Handing up sheeting
  61.     Completing sheeting and siding
  62.     Completing sheeting and siding
  63.     Completing sheeting and siding
  64.     Completing sheeting and siding
  65.     Putting on roof
  66.     Putting on roof
  67.     Completed at 4:30 pm     

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