Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 10.15

Date of creation: 1984

4 sleeves containing 80 35mm colour slides. These slides and sound track and narration were done by the Mission Committee of the Mennonite Conference of Ontario and Quebec. The photographs are by Norma Reesor-McDowell nd Ray Battams. Music on the sound track is by Kathy Falconer. The script is by Elsie McDowell. Narration by Bill Wright. The script and cassette sound track are enclosed with the slides.

The slides were donated to the Archives by the Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Resource Center about 1992.

Created Nov. 1997 by Sam Steiner

  1.     Title slide
  2.     Stained glass window of Christ
  3.     Concrete cross
  4.     Poor man on Toronto street
  5.     Man sitting alone at table
  6.     Table filled with opulent desserts
  7.     Table filled with steam tables of hot food
  8.     Crowds in Eaton's Centre (Toronto, Ont.)
  9.     Toronto (Ont.) - Street scene
  10.     401 Hwy. (Toronto, Ont.)
  11.     Wealthy suburbs
  12.     Winter suburbs
  13.     Crowd of people
  14.     Crowd of people
  15.     Group of refugees
  16.     Refugees
  17.     Multi-national group
  18.     Brice Balmer talking to immigrant couple
  19.     Missing
  20.     Crowd of children
  21.     Children in cement drain
  22.     Children on fallen log
  23.     Three boys with butterfly
  24.     Three boys playing in sand
  25.     Children at camp
  26.     Two women doing hand work
  27.     Missing
  28.     Missing
  29.     Small group
  30.     Adult with child getting food
  31.     Three women at dining room table
  32.     Seniors eating at table
  33.     Two seniors with a child
  34.     Senior man in group
  35.     Senior woman playing piano
  36.     Seniors at outdoor concert
  37.     Missing
  38.     Person in wheelchair at display table
  39.     Senior woman in wheelchair
  40.     Male in wheelchair at table
  41.     Missing
  42.     Prison
  43.     Men behind bars
  44.     Silhouette of man behind bars
  45.     Outdoor worship service (June Schwartzentruber leading singing)
  46.     Senior women in group
  47.     Senior woman reading
  48.     Black Creek Faith Community (Downsview, Ont.) - Worship (Heather McDowell? reading scripture)
  49.     Three multi-ethnic children at table
  50.     Four multi-ethnic children
  51.     Children at snack
  52.     Adult with children
  53.     Adult reading to children
  54.     Missing
  55.     Hockey team
  56.     Two young people, one playing guitar
  57.     Two girls with baby
  58.     Boy doing somersault
  59.     Young adult boy and girl
  60.     Group
  61.     Three young people
  62.     Group of ethnic women
  63.     Missing
  64.     Four women decorating cookies
  65.     Senior woman
  66.     Man in wheelchair
  67.     Silhouette of men in prison
  68.     Senior women singing
  69.     Missing
  70.     Hockey players
  71.     Farm scene
  72.     Hockey players
  73.     Missing
  74.     Children eating
  75.     Two women eating
  76.     Lights in high rise office buildings at night
  77.     Menno Simons' saying on "True evangelical faith"
  78.     Title slide
  79.     Title slide
  80.     Title slide

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