John Eby: Audio-Visual mission education

Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 10.17

Date of creation: 1960?

9 sleeves containing 169 35mm colour slides. These slides and narration were commissioned by the Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario. The photographs are not credited.

The program was designed to encourage home missions. John Eby is the fictional name for a Mennonite man who has moved to the city from the country because of a job. The other characters in the script are also fictional. The sequence of slides in the set received by the Archives does not match the script in all respects.

The slides were donated to the Archives in the early 1990s.

Created Nov. 1997 by Sam Steiner

  1.     Winter scene in woods
  2.     Creek in the fall
  3.     Doon Pioneer Tower (Kitchener, Ont.)
  4.     Woods in the fall
  5.     "John Eby"
  6.     Cartoon slide
  7.     Pastor talks to workers
  8.     "Bill Snyder" talks to pastor
  9.     Dominion Trust Co.
  10.     Pastor talks to workers
  11.     Boys Club
  12.     Pastor talks to workers
  13.     Painting of Jesus knocking at the door
  14.     Small church worship service
  15.     Cartoon slide
  16.     Aerial picture of river and rural countryside
  17.     John Eby on street
  18.     John Eby welcomes Bill Snyder in office
  19.     Bill Snyder and John Eby converse in office
  20.     Working the fields with horses
  21.     John Eby says farewell to Bill Snyder at elevator
  22.     Children on way to church?
  23.     Crowded entry to city church
  24.     Parking lot of rural church
  25.     Cartoon slide
  26.     Pastor on the phone
  27.     John Eby on the phone
  28.     Pastor and John Eby have dinner
  29.     Pastor and John Eby have dinner
  30.     Boy's Club
  31.     Pastor and John Eby over dinner
  32.     John Eby helps with Boys Club
  33.     John Eby and Boys Club
  34.     Boys Club
  35.     John Eby and Boys Club
  36.     John Eby and Boys Club
  37.     Pastor leads Boys Club Bible study
  38.     John Eby and Boys Club
  39.     John Eby and Boys Club - Injury to boy
  40.     John Eby and Boys Club - Bandaged up
  41.     John Eby and Boys Club
  42.     Street scene in suburbs
  43.     Men's entrance to bar - Sign
  44.     Pastor and John Eby say farewell to boy
  45.     Pastor and John Eby discuss
  46.     Penitentiary
  47.     Rural farm scene
  48.     John Eby greets a man
  49.     John Eby with Boys Club
  50.     Dutch family scene
  51.     John Eby speaks with a man
  52.     Power saw
  53.     John Eby speaks with a man
  54.     John Eby speaks with a man
  55.     Local church budget committee meeting - Chair speaking
  56.     Local church budget committee meeting - Pastor speaks
  57.     Local church budget committee meeting - John Eby speaks
  58.     Local church budget committee meeting - John Eby speaks
  59.     Local church budget committee meeting - Mr. Menno speaks
  60.     Masonic Temple - Window
  61.     New saw
  62.     New Canadian family
  63.     Local church budget committee meeting - After meeting discussion
  64.     Quilting
  65.     Quilting
  66.     Quilting
  67.     Quilting
  68.     Quilting
  69.     Quilting
  70.     Weber family mailbox
  71.     Quilting
  72.     Making parcels
  73.     New Canadians
  74.     John Eby at desk
  75.     John Eby talks with pastor
  76.     Check
  77.     John Eby talks with pastor
  78.     John Eby talks with pastor
  79.     Chickens
  80.     Baby girl sitting
  81.     New Canadian family
  82.     Tile truck
  83.     Dairy operation?
  84.     Suburban houses
  85.     Dairy herd
  86.     Pastor talks with John Eby
  87.     Boys on the street
  88.     John Eby talks with pastor
  89.     Sunset
  90.     Pastor and small group
  91.     Pastor and small group
  92.     Woman reading Bible
  93.     Pastor and small group
  94.     John Eby talks with pastor
  95.     Silhouette by the lake
  96.     John Eby at elevator door
  97.     John Eby reads Bible
  98.     John Eby with Boys Club
  99.     John Eby with Boys Club
  100.     John Eby with Boys Club
  101.     Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario meeting at Missionary Church Campgrounds
  102.     Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario meeting at Missionary Church Campgrounds
  103.     Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario meeting at Missionary Church Campgrounds
  104.     John Eby reads Bible
  105.     Osiah Horst
  106.     Horse
  107.     Aerial view of Toronto
  108.     Aerial view of rural area
  109.     Mountains in distance
  110.     Conestoga wagon
  111.     Doon Pioneer Tower (Kitchener, Ont.)
  112.     Pioneer log home (drawing)
  113.     Map of Ontario
  114.     Native Canadian in headdress
  115.     Catholic Church
  116.     Skyscraper
  117.     Aerial view of city
  118.     Aerial view of city
  119.     Silhouette of tree
  120.     Cartoon slide
  121.     Children crowding into church
  122.     Youth outside church
  123.     Rockway Mennonite Church (Kitchener, Ont.)? - Worship service
  124.     Children crossing the street
  125.     Youth "hanging out" around car
  126.     Children on street
  127.     Summer Bible School children
  128.     Rockway Mennonite Church (Kitchener, Ont.) - Cradle roll class
  129.     Danforth Mennonite Church? (Toronto, Ont.) - Summer Bible School
  130.     Summer Bible School (Markstay, Ont.)?
  131.     Summer Bible School (Markstay, Ont.)?
  132.     Boys Club inside a silo (Ayr, Ont.)
  133.     Girls Club
  134.     Torchbearers Club?
  135.     Girls Club?
  136.     Summer Bible School?
  137.     High school track meet
  138.     Wiener roast
  139.     Summer camp
  140.     Singing rehearsal
  141.     Rockway Mennonite School (Kitchener, Ont.) - Sign
  142.     High School?
  143.     Huron College, University of Western Ontario (London, Ont.)
  144.     Apartment building
  145.     Couple with small child
  146.     Couple with boy
  147.     Four men
  148.     Football stadium full of people
  149.     Painting of Jesus the shepherd with sheep
  150.     Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario - Annual meeting at Missionary Church pavilion
  151.     Sunday school classes in church sanctuary
  152.     John Eby speaking
  153.     John Eby speaking
  154.     John Eby speaking
  155.     John Eby speaking
  156.     Fall scene
  157.     Flower
  158.     Flowers
  159.     Sunset
  160.     Title slide
  161.     Flowers
  162.     Cows in field
  163.     Farmers with milk cans
  164.     Farm family praying over meal
  165.     Couple with young child
  166.     Couple
  167.     Family of six
  168.     Family of six
  169.     Title slide

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