Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario: Mission Stories from Rural Ontario

Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 10.6

Date of creation: 1982

4 sleeves containing 80 35mm colour slides. Included is a printed script for an audio-visual presentation commissioned by the Mennonite Mission Board of Ontario. The audio cassette for use with the slides is located at Hist. Mss. 9.52.2

The script for the presentation is by John Bender; narration is by Willis Breckbill. Photographs by John Bender, with some slides provided by Missions Minister Hubert Schwartzentruber, as well as Wilmer Martin and Denis Schultz. Music is used by permission of Mennonite Board of Mission (Elkhart, Ind.)

The set was donated to the Archives by the Ontario Mennonite Resource Centre in the late 1980s.

Created Nov. 1997 by Sam Steiner

  1.     Map of James Bay area
  2.     Lake scene
  3.     House on lake shore
  4.     Willow tree on lake
  5.     Road through the woods
  6.     Canoeists on river
  7.     Sundown on lake
  8.     Railroad tracks at dusk
  9.     Hunta (Ont.) on James Bay map (Wilmer Martin pointing)
  10.     Wild flowers
  11.     Wild flowers
  12.     Daisy
  13.     Wild flowers
  14.     Arctic watershed sign
  15.     Beaver ditch
  16.     Fallen tree
  17.     Monument of bear at Cochrane (Ont.)
  18.     Clay Belt Diner (Hunta, Ont.)
  19.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Church sign, with building in background
  20.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Pastor Harold Sherk with children
  21.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Worship in sanctuary
  22.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Volleyball game
  23.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Pulling three wagons of hay
  24.     Cows in stanchions
  25.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Glen and Rita Carney in front of partially completed log house
  26.     Closeup of log house joints
  27.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Home of Pastor Harold and Ruth Sherk
  28.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Ruth Sherk
  29.     Wild flowers
  30.     Title slide
  31.     Dungannon Christian Fellowship (Dungannon, Ont.) - Exterior picture of window
  32.     Mennonite World Conference handbook, 1978
  33.     Map of Mennonite migrations
  34.     Pioneer picture from Frank H. Epp's Mennonites in Canada, v. 1
  35.     Anabaptism: neither Catholic nor Protestant by Walter Klaassen
  36.     Bible text
  37.     Mennonite Conference of Ontario and Quebec - Exterior picture of entrance to offices at Erb Street Mennonite Church (Waterloo, Ont.)
  38.     Ontario map
  39.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Eli and Mary Landis - early founders
  40.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Bob Landis milking cows
  41.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Exterior picture
  42.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Glen & Rita Carney family
  43.     Native Friendship Centre sign (Cochrane, Ont.)
  44.     Apartment in Cochrane where Voluntary Service unit is housed
  45.     Drop-In Centre
  46.     Hunta Mennonite Church (Hunta, Ont.) - Pastor Harold Sherk with visitors Sam and Verda Weber
  47.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Exterior picture
  48.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Pastor Tom Warner and family
  49.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Adult Sunday school?
  50.     Text from book
  51.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Hubert and Marian Lawrence teach Sunday school
  52.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Marian Lawrence teaches Sunday school
  53.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Children's Sunday school
  54.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Potluck dinner
  55.     Log house where Hubert and Marian Lawrence live
  56.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Members Jon and Dorothy Coffman
  57.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Members Bernie and Francine Lantaigne
  58.     Calvary Mennonite Church (Monetville, Ont.) - Youth class
  59.     Dungannon Christian Fellowship (Dungannon, Ont.) - Exterior view
  60.     Dungannon Christian Fellowship (Dungannon, Ont.) - Sanctuary
  61.     Dungannon Christian Fellowship (Dungannon, Ont.) - Church bench
  62.     Dungannon Christian Fellowship (Dungannon, Ont.) - Martin family
  63.     Clothes on wash line
  64.     Rural landscape
  65.     Dungannon Christian Fellowship (Dungannon, Ont.) - Members Noah and Florence Frey
  66.     Dungannon Christian Fellowship (Dungannon, Ont.) - Interim Pastor Henry Yantzi with Florence Frey
  67.     Family at dinner table
  68.     MacArthurs Mills Christian Fellowship (Bancroft, Ont.) - Exterior picture
  69.     MacArthurs Mills Christian Fellowship (Bancroft, Ont.) - Pastor Harold and Judy Shantz and family
  70.     MacArthurs Mills Christian Fellowship (Bancroft, Ont.) - Pastor Harold Shantz with Roberta Neale
  71.     Family in home
  72.     Fraser Lake Camp (Bancroft, Ont.) - Water scene
  73.     Fraser Lake Camp (Bancroft, Ont.) - Camp Pastor Brice Balmer
  74.     Log fence row
  75.     Ina Martin
  76.     Hubert Schwartzentruber and Herb Schultz
  77.     Maple tree at dusk
  78.     Country road at dusk
  79.     White birch tree
  80.     Credits

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