Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 10.1.3

Date(s) of creation: 1983

Physical description: 4 sleeves containing 71 35mm colour slides

Scope and content: These slides are of fraktur images, many of them published in Ontario fraktur: a Pennsylvania- German folk tradition in early Canada (Toronto : M.F. Feheley, 1977) by Michael Bird (1941-2003). The slides are numbered 81-41 through 83-111. 

Notes: These may not be reproduced without permission.
The Michael Bird fonds is located at the University of Waterloo Special Collections and Archives.
Archival description created October 1997 by Sam Steiner and updated in 2023 by Laureen Harder-Gissing.

File list:

83-41.    Abraham Latshaw bookplate for Benjamin Eby, 1823 (Waterloo)
83-42.    Joseph Boshart, inscribed book, 1858 (Waterloo)
83-43.    Isaac Z. Hunsicker, bookplate for Abraham Bauman, 1836 (Waterloo)
83-44.    Isaac Z. Hunsicker, bookplate for Anna Musselman, 1835 (Waterloo)
83-45.    Cover, Kennel-Jantzi book (Waterloo)
83-46.    Inscribed book, Christian Kennel and Magdalena Jantzi, 1832 (Waterloo)
83-47.    Bookplate for Maria Erb, 1829 (Waterloo)
83-48.    Hand-painted inside cover, Benjamin Eby Bible (Waterloo)
83-49.    Title page, Benjamin Eby Bible (Waterloo)
83-50.    Abraham Latshaw, bookplate for Isaac Eby, 1823 (Waterloo)
83-51.    Abraham Latshaw, family record for Benjamin Eby, 1823 (Waterloo)
83-52.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-53.    Anna Nash, musical notation (Niagara)
83-54.    William Bechtel, inscribed book, 1801 (Niagara)
83-55.    For Anna Nash, drawing, 1825 (Niagara)
83-56.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-57.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-58.    Magdalena Meyer, drawing, 1830 (Niagara)
83-59.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-60.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-61.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-62.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-63.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-64.    Barbara Meyer, Vorschrift, 1848 (Niagara)
83-65.    Possibly Christopher Dock, Vorschrift (Niagara)
83-66.    Vorschrift, 1811 (Niagara)
83-67.    Niagara Peninsula artist, drawing, n.d.
83-68.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-69.    Isabel Meyer, birth record (Niagara)
83-70.    Vorschrift (Niagara)
83-71.    Vorschrift, 1811 (Niagara)
83-72.    Drawing, n.d. (Niagara)
83-73.    Christian Hoover, birth record for Veronica Hoover, ca. 1856 (Markham)
83-74.    Christian Hoover, birth record for Maria Hoover ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-75.    Possibly Christian Hoover, drawing, n.d. (Markham)
83-76.    Christian Hoover, birth record for Daniel Hoover, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-77.    Christian Hoover, family record, 1854 (Markham)
83-78.    Simeon Reesor, birth and baptismal record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-79.    Simeon Reesor, wood block for stamping feed bags (Markham)
83-80.    Simeon Reesor, birth record & baptismal record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-81.    Simeon Reesor, birth record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-82.    "Augsburg Haus-Segen," 19th century (Markham)
83-83.    Samuel Hoover, birth record (Markham)
83-84.    Wilhelm Gerhard, family record, ca. 1882 (Markham)
83-85.    Title page, Froschauer Bible, 1579 (Markham)
83-86.    Simeon Reesor, birth- and baptism record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-87.    Simeon Reesor, birth- and baptism record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-88.    Simeon Reesor, birth- and baptismal record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-89.    Simeon Reesor, birth- and baptismal record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-90.    Possibly John Diller, after 1905 (Markham)
83-91.    Simeon Reesor, birth- and baptismal record, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-92.    Christian Hoover, birth record for Anna Hoover, 1854 (Markham)
83-93.    Christian Hoover, birth record for Elizabeth Berky, ca. 1855 (Markham)
83-94.    Christian Hoover, birth record for Elizabeth Berky, 1854 (Markham)
83-95.    Peter Remer, birth record for Johannes Risser, ca. 1825 (Markham)
83-96.    Peter Remer, birth record for .... Groff, ca. 1825 (Markham)
83-97.    David Lehman, birth record for Veronica Groff, after 1802 (Markham)
83-98.    Possibly Heinrich Otto, printed house blessing, ca. 1780 (Markham)
83-99.    Heinrich Dulheur, birth certificate for ......., ca. 1780 (Markham)
83-100.   "Classical artist," bookplate for Magdalena Koch, 1834 (Markham)
83-101.   Details by Christian Hoover, birth record for Anna Hoover, 1854 (Markham)
83-102.   Wilhelm Gerhard, family record, 1882 (Markham)
83-103.   Possibly Wilhelm Gerhard, birth record for Samuel Berkey, ca. 1880-1885 (Markham)
83-104.   Froschaur emblem (Markham)
83-105.   Illuminated page, Froschaur Bible, 1579 (Markham)
83-106.   Illumination in Froschaur Bible, 1579 (Markham)
83-107.   Peter Remer, birth record for Veronica Risser, ca. 1825 (Markham)
83-108.   Peter Remer, fragment of birth record for Johannes Risser, ca. 1825 (Markham)
83-109.   Peter Remer, drawing, 1812 (Markham)
83-110.   "Classical artist," birth record for Barbara Risser, ca. 1825 (Markham)
83-111.   "Classical artist," birth record for Anna Heise, 1826 (Markham)


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