Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 10.18

Date of creation: 1974, 1981

3 sleeves containing 8 35mm colour slides. These slides represent three limited sets received from Conrad Grebel College. The photographs are not attributed.

The slides were donated to the Archives in the early 1990s.

Created Nov. 1997 by Sam Steiner

1.     Baptismal service - unidentified location
2.1  Poole Mennonite Church (Milverton, Ont.) - Worship service 
3.1  Conrad Grebel College (Waterloo, Ont.) 
3.2  Conrad Grebel College (Waterloo, Ont.) - Chapel windows 
3.3  Conrad Grebel College (Waterloo, Ont.) - Chapel windows 
3.4  Conrad Grebel College (Waterloo, Ont.) 
3.5  Conrad Grebel College (Waterloo, Ont.) 
3.6  Conrad Grebel College (Waterloo, Ont.) - Chapel windows

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