Panorama of Mission (Western Ontario Mennonite Conference)

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Hist. Mss. 10.25

Date of creation: ca. 1964

4 sleeves containing 80 35mm color, a script and a reel-to-reel tape of the presentation. The slides were of various projects supported supported by the Western Ontario Mennonite Conference Mission Board, including new churches at Millbank, Stratford, London, Ailsa Craig and Parkhill, nursing homes, and the London Rescue Mission. Not all slides have been identified and correctly placed in sequence. There is additional sleeve of 20 unidentified slides that came with the collection.

For further information on the Western Ontario Mennonite Conference Mission Board see IV

The slides were donated to the Archives sometime in the 1970s.

Created November 2004 by Sam Steiner

  1. Head of Christ
  2. Christ and the sheep
  3. Alvin Roth looking over a field
  4. Alvin Roth, Moses Yantzi & Joel Schwartzentruber
  5. Millbank (Riverdale) church
  6. Tavistock (Maples) Rest Home
  7. Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Roth
  8. Maples guests at dinner table
  9. Miss Bradley
  10. Edna Zehr
  11. Milverton Rest Home
  12. Mrs. Bill Woods
  13. Wesley shaving a patient
  14. Food service at rest home
  15. Evening devotions at rest home
  16. Alex Stewart and Alvin Roth
  17. Grain field
  18. Wilfred Schlegels and Alvin Roths
  19. Home shared by three families
  20. New homes
  21. Men working at Nairn Mennonite Church
  22. Wilfred Schlegel with Nairn church in background
  23. Schlegel Farm
  24. Run-down farm
  25. Schlegel Farm
  26. Wilfred Schlegel being interviewed
  27. Governor Simcoe School
  28. Erma Roth and Sunday School Class at Rescue Mission
  29. Forest City Mennonite Mission (London, Ont.)
  30. King St. Mennonite Church
  31. Ralph Lebold
  32. Ground-breaking for Valleyview Mennonite Church
  33. Valleyview Mennonite Church
  34. Valleyview Church Chorus
  35. Dr. & Mrs. James Snider
  36. Stratford Church (original house)
  37. Avon Church (Stratford)
  38. Ken Bender with Avon Church in background
  39. Ken Bender and Ralph Lebold
  40. Kennel's Hall (Wellesley)
  41. White Church (Wellesley United Church?)
  42. Parkhill House (Outside)
  43. Parkhill House (Inside)
  44. John Brubacher being interviewed
  45. Girls' Home
  46. Bible Club
  47. Parkhill Town Hall
  48. Green Gables Rest Home
  49. Craigholme
  50. Boys' Farm
  51. Ausable Springs Ranch (Mentioned in script, but no slide)
  52. Mission Farm
  53. Hidden Acres Camp?
  54. Hidden Acres Camp?
  55. London Rescue Mission
  56. Original Rescue Mission Building
  57. May lying in alley
  58. Injured man
  59. Transformed man
  60. Original sleeping quarters
  61. Madeline Roth cooking
  62. New sleeping quarters in mission
  63. Canned goods
  64. Dinner for the men
  65. Evening group giving program
  66. Men in the chapel
  67. Alvin Roth in office
  68. Roger Smith
  69. Roger Smith family
  70. George Wiens
  71. John Wagler
  72. Pearl Clark
  73. Clothes on the table
  74. Roy Johnson
  75. Women's Mission
  76. Bible study group
  77. Counselling
  78. Mission Board of Western Ontario Mennonite Conference
  79. Offering plates
  80. London Rescue Mission sign

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