People Seeking Peace: Mennonite Bicentennial Audio visual presentation, 1985-1986

Classification scheme: 
Hist. Mss. 10.20

Date of creation: 1984

19 sleeves containing 339 35mm colour slides. This multi-media slide presentation was used by the MennoVan Voluntary Service workers, Reg Good and Kathy Shantz, who travelled as across Canada in celebration of the Mennonite Bicentennial in Canada in 1986. Multiple projectors were used, consequently there are several numerical sequences to the slide set and some pictures are only partial with portions of the picture obscured. The presentation was prepared by the Image Corporation.

Two copies of the accompanying cassette tape narration are with the slides. The sound quality of the tapes is poor. Narration by Tom Daly. Music by Carol Ann Weaver, Lyle Friesen and Michael Budding.

The slides were donated to the Archives by the Mennonite Bicentennial Commission in the late 1980s.

Created Nov. 1997 by Sam Steiner

  1.     Silhouette of persons at cross
  2.     David Hunsberger
  3.     Fog shrouded valley
  4.     Baby
  5.     Mennonite Bicentennial symbol
  6.     Title slide
  7.     Title slide
  8.     Title slide
  9.     Color version of Jan Luiken's engraving Dirk Willms rescuing his pursuer between two faces
  10.     Men with machine gun
  11.     Title slide
  12.     Title slide
  13.     Matthew 28:19
  14.     Romans 12:21
  15.     Ephesians 2:10
  16.     Title slide
  17.     Painting of martyrdom
  18.     Painting of martyrdom
  19.     Painting of Conrad Grebel
  20.     Painting of Menno Simons
  21.     Painting of Felix Manz
  22.     Paintings of two other portraits
  23.     Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' Mirror
  24.     Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' Mirror
  25.     Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' Mirror
  26.     Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' Mirror
  27.     Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' Mirror
  28.     Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' Mirror
  29.     Ornate cathedral
  30.     Large church
  31.     Ornate cathedral
  32.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  33.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  34.     Painting of immigration to North America
  35.     Painting of French Mennonite couple
  36.     Painting of harvesting
  37.     Partial reproduction of sketch from vol. 1 of Mennonites in Canada
  38.     Partial picture Pioneer house
  39.     Partial painting of Indian treaty ceremony
  40.     Painting of mill
  41.     Painting of building corduroy road
  42.     Painting of Immigrant hut
  43.     Newspaper headline about Mennonite immigration
  44.     Partially colored picture of immigrants
  45.     Partially colored picture of immigrants
  46.     Colored picture of Russian Mennonite immigrants arriving in Waterloo in 1920s
  47.     Partially colored picture of children looking a school books
  48.     Color pictures of post-World War II refugees in Germany (horses and wagons in the mud)
  49.     Refugee camp?
  50.     Old Order Mennonite meetinghouse with crowd of people in front
  51.     Senior man
  52.     Old Order Mennonites harvesting with horses
  53.     Footwashing ceremony
  54.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  55.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  56.     Title slide
  57.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  58.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  59.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  60.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  61.     Bicentennial symbol over picture of First Mennonite Church (Vineland, Ont.)
  62.     Bicentennial symbol over picture of church
  63.     Bicentennial symbol over picture of church
  64.     Face (orange tint)
  65.     Face (red tint)
  66.     Face (yellow tint)
  67.     Face (orange tint)
  68.     Face (blue tint)
  69.     Partial picture of refugees
  70.     Partial picture of Jan Luiken martyr engraving
  71.     Partial picture of refugees
  72.     Partial picture of young adult
  73.     Partial picture of African children
  74.     Partial picture of Christ lowered from cross
  75.     Bicentennial symbol over picture
  76.     Statue of man beating sword into ploughshare
  77.     Wounded soldiers
  78.     Bumper sticker (One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day)
  79.     Nuclear protest
  80.     Graph paper

1.B.1     Partial picture of senior man
1.B.2     Partial picture of man
1.B.3     Partial picture of young woman
1.B.4     Sunset
1.B.5     Senior woman
1.B.6     Partial picture of fog covered valley
1.B.7     Bicentennial symbol
1.B.8     Title slide
1.B.9     Title slide
1.B.10    Title slide
1.B.11    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.B.12    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.B.13    Matthew 5:9
1.B.14    Romans 13:10
1.B.15    John 15:12
1.B.16    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.B.17    Painting of martyrs
1.B.18    Painting of martyrs
1.B.19    Partial picture of Jan Luiken engraving
1.B.20    Partial picture of Jan Luiken engraving
1.B.21    Felix Manz
1.B.22    Martin Luther and ?
1.B.23    Map of Europe
1.B.24    Flames
1.B.25    Flames
1.B.26    Flames
1.B.27    Flames
1.B.28    Partial picture of interior of ornate cathedral
1.B.29    Partial picture of Old Order Mennonite meetinghouse
1.B.30    Partial picture of ornate cathedral
1.B.31    Partial picture of men outside small meetinghouse
1.B.32    Title slide
1.B.33 Map of Europe
1.B.34    Painting of ship unloading immigrants
1.B.35    Map of Europe
1.B.36    Painting of 18th century European man speaking
1.B.37    Painting of the oak tree on Chortitza Island (Ukraine)
1.B.38    Partial painting of log cabin
1.B.39    Map of Europe
1.B.40    Partial picture of Brubacher House (Waterloo, Ont.)
1.B.41    Painting of 18th centuryBritish soldiers
1.B.42    Painting of woman with spinning wheel
1.B.43    Painting of 18th century wagons with supplies
1.B.44    Painting of 19th century pioneer mother with infant and small children
1.B.45    Picture of crowd of refugees
1.B.46    Picture of Russian Mennonite refugees
1.B.47    Picture of Russian Mennonite immigrants walking up Erb Street to Erb Street Mennonite Church (Waterloo, Ont.)
1.B.48    Picture of refugees exiting train
1.B.49    Map of North and South America
1.B.50    Picture of Russian Mennonite refugees
1.B.51    Picture of African children
1.B.52    Daniel Milton
1.B.53    Ilse Friesen and Iva Taves
1.B.54    Unidentified man
1.B.55    Unidentified man
1.B.56    Hanover Mennonite Church (Hanover, Ont.)
1.B.57    Car in front of religious sign
1.B.58    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.B.59 Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.B.60    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.B.61 Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.B.62    Silhouetted figures in front of cross
1.B.63    Face (green tint)
1.B.64    Face (blue tint)
1.B.65    Face (aqua tint)
1.B.66    Face (red tint)
1.B.67    Face (green tint)
1.B.68    Partial picture of open Bible
1.B.69    Devastation from bombing
1.B.70    Picture of statue of sword beaten into ploughshare
1.B.71    United Nations - General Assembly
1.B.72    Bombed building
1.B.73    Peace protest in Germany
1.B.74    Men with weapon
1.B.75    White House (Washington, D.C.)
1.B.76    Walled city
1.B.77    Title slide
1.B.78    Mennonite Central Committee - Sign
1.B.79    Refugee camp
1.B.80    Graph paper

1.C.1     Senior woman with covering
1.C.2     Unidentified man of color
1.C.3     Unidentified Asian man
1.C.4     Partial picture of sunset
1.C.5     Unidentified woman
1.C.6     Bicentennial symbol
1.C.7     Bicentennial symbol
1.C.8     Title slide
1.C.9     Title slide
1.C.10    Stylized picture of bicentennial symbol
1.C.11    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.12    Open Bible (old)
1.C.13    Painting of Reformation martyrdom
1.C.14    Painting of Conrad Grebel
1.C.15    Painting of Felix Manz
1.C.16    Painting of two unidentified 16th century men
1.C.17    Painting of George Blaurock
1.C.18    Paintings of Martin Luther and another man
1.C.19    Painting of Menno Simons
1.C.20    Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' mirror
1.C.21    Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' mirror
1.C.22    Map of Europe
1.C.23    Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' mirror
1.C.24    Color version of Jan Luiken engraving from Martyrs' mirror
1.C.25    Partial picture of meetinghouse interior
1.C.26    Partial picture of cathedral
1.C.27    Partial picture of Mennonite meeting in large room
1.C.28    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.29    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.30    Partial picture of painting of 16th century men reading book
1.C.31    Map of world
1.C.32    Map of North America
1.C.33    Map of Europe
1.C.34    Bicentennial symbol
1.C.35    Painting of pioneers clearing forest
1.C.36    Painting of 18th century European man
1.C.37    Painting of immigrants
1.C.38    Picture of Russian Mennonite immigrants arriving in Winnipeg
1.C.39    Gate leaving the Soviet Union
1.C.40    Picture of refugee woman
1.C.41    Russian Mennonite immigrants walking up Erb Street to Erb Street Mennonite Church (Waterloo, Ont.)
1.C.42    Russian Mennonite immigrants
1.C.43    Picture of refugees
1.C.44    Asian poor people
1.C.45    Woman with Asian family
1.C.46    Unidentified Asian man
1.C.47    Old Order Mennonite boys
1.C.48    Old Order Mennonite man with milk cans
1.C.49    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.50    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.51    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.52    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.53    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.54    Bicentennial symbol over picture
1.C.55    Bicentennial symbol over picture of church
1.C.56    Bicentennial symbol over picture of church
1.C.57    Bicentennial symbol over picture of church
1.C.58    Face (red tint)
1.C.59    Face (blue tint)
1.C.60    Face (green tint)
1.C.61    Face (rose tint)
1.C.62    Face (yellow tint)
1.C.63    Partial picture of refugee child
1.C.64    Partial picture of Asian man speaking to congregation
1.C.65    Partial picture of Jan Luiken engraving
1.C.66    Silhouette of persons in front of cross
1.C.67    Partial picture of baby boy
1.C.68    Partial picture of Conrad Grebel College
1.C.69    Title slide
1.C.70    Unidentified form
1.C.71    Nuclear explosion
1.C.72    Peace demonstration
1.C.73    Peace demonstration
1.C.74    Military tank
1.C.75    Partial picture of walled city
1.C.76    Bicentennial symbol over picture 
1.C.77    Silhouette of man behind prison bars
1.C.78    Mennonite Reporter clipping
1.C.79    Mennonite Brethren Herald clipping
1.C.80    Graph

2.A.1     White House (Washington, D.C.)
2.A.2     Larry and Jessie Kehler with Asian friends
2.A.3     Doctor treating African child
2.A.4     Latin American woman? selling baskets
2.A.5     Loading food baskets into car trunk
2.A.6     Mennonite Reporter clipping
2.A.7     Unidentified woman
2.A.8     Selection of book titles
2.A.9     Orchestra practicing
2.A.10    Rockway Mennonite Collegiate (Kitchener, Ont.)
2.A.11    Rural landscape
2.A.12    Fruit trees in blossem
2.A.13    Vineyard row
2.A.14    Sheep
2.A.15    Steers
2.A.16    Harvesting
2.A.17    Multi-national children
2.A.18    African children
2.A.19    First Mennonite Church (Vineland, Ont.) - Historical marker
2.A.20    Monument to immigration of 1870s
2.A.21 Partial picture of Peace Tower (Ottawa, Ont.)
2.A.22    Partial picture of White House (Washington, D.C)
2.A.23    Partial picture of walled city
2.A.24    Partial picture of United Nations - General Assembly
2.A.25    Unidentified couple
2.A.26    First Mennonite Church (Kitchener, Ont.) - Sanctuary
2.A.27    Church building
2.A.28    First Mennonite Church (Kitchener, Ont.)
2.A.29    Nuclear explosion
2.A.30    Peace protest
2.A.31    Bicentennial symbol
2.A.32    Unidentified woman
2.A.33    Unidentified woman
2.A.34    Unidentified woman
2.A.35    Unidentified woman
2.A.36    Unidentified woman
2.A.37    Unidentified man
2.A.38    Bicentennial symbol
2.A.39    Graph

2.B.1     Unidentified woman
2.B.2     Fraktur
2.B.3     High school graduation picture
2.B.4     Grain elevator
2.B.5     Fields in late spring
2.B.6     Farm in spring
2.B.7     Yellow fields
2.B.8     Partial picture of chickens
2.B.9     Two men examining grain
2.B.10    Unidentified man on phone
2.B.11    African man and child
2.B.12    Title slide
2.B.13    Urie Bender
2.B.14    Unidentified man
2.B.15    Unidentified woman
2.B.16    Unidentified baby
2.B.17    Five young women
2.B.18    Two children
2.B.19    Mennonite church
2.B.20    Tugboat
2.B.21    Men with weapon
2.B.22    Military tank
2.B.23    Peace demonstration
2.B.24    Bicentennial symbol
2.B.25    Bicentennial symbol
2.B.26    Credit slide
2.B.27    Credit slide
2.B.28    Credit slide
2.B.29    Credit slide

2.C.1     Columbia Bible Institute (Abbotsford, B.C.)
2.C.2     Farm
2.C.3     Man on tractor
2.C.4     Farm with horses in foreground
2.C.5     Partial picture of yellow fields
2.C.6     Unidentified man
2.C.7     Unidentified man in front of lumbering operation
2.C.8     Unidentified woman and three children
2.C.9     Partial picture of Menno Simons monument in the Netherlands
2.C.10    Amish migration - Historical marker
2.C.11    Parliament Buildings (Ottawa, Ont.)
2.C.12    White House (Washington, D.C.)
2.C.13    Walled city
2.C.14    United Nations - General Assembly
2.C.15    Mennonite World Conference (Strasbourg, Fr.)
2.C.16    Unidentified couple
2.C.17    Rosebank Brethren in Christ Church (Kitchener, Ont.)
2.C.18    Gospel Chapel
2.C.19    Devastation from bombing
2.C.20    Devastation from fire and bombing?
2.C.21    Peace demonstration
2.C.22    Five hand joining
2.C.23    Bicentennial symbol
2.C.24    Gerald Musselman
2.C.25    William Kruger
2.C.26    Unidentified man
2.C.27    Paul Tiessen
2.C.28    Unidentified boy
2.C.29    Unidentified woman
2.C.30    Silhouette of figures before the cross

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