Step 3

Step 3 - Select your math courses (albegra and calculus)

Algebra (MATH 135) and Calculus (MATH 137)

The majority of incoming students take MATH 135 and MATH 137. Most incoming students find these two courses sufficiently challenging in their first term at Waterloo.

Advanced Algebra (MATH 145) and Calculus (MATH 147)

If you are considering enrolling in the advanced honours version of the first-year algebra (MATH 145) and calculus (MATH 147) courses then you should be aware of the following. These courses are mostly based on studying theorems and learning how to prove them rigorously. They are not required by any majors but might be of interest for students who want to learn a lot more theory in addition to their regular curriculum.  

Admission to MATH 145 and MATH 147

If you:

  • Scored 38 or higher on the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (CSMC) 
  • Scored 76 or higher in the Euclid 

then your score will allow you to choose MATH 145 & MATH 147 during course selection. 

If none of the above criteria applies to you then you can choose to be added to the MATH 145/MATH 147 waiting list during the course selection process. In early July the MUO will email an information package to all students who select advanced Math. The package will include some example questions similar to what would be covered in the advanced courses. You will then be asked to confirm your choice of Math courses using a webform that will be included in the email.

Physics-based section of MATH 137

The physics-based section of MATH 137 will cover the same mathematical topics as the other sections of MATH 137 but will use ideas from physics as motivation and as a source of examples. This section will form the foundation for plans such as Mathematical Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics/Engineering Electives (enrolling in this section does not restrict your choice of plan in 2A). This section will benefit students who are interested in the application of mathematics to solve physical problems in fields ranging from quantum mechanics through neurobiology and biochemistry to climate science and astrophysics. Enrolling in the physics-based MATH 137 automatically enrols you in PHYS 121 as one of your non-math courses.

If you choose this section in the fall term, we will automatically enrol you in the Physics-based section of MATH 138 for the winter term.