Co-op students

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Co-op education integrates work experience throughout your university career. Mathematics co-op plans require eight academic terms and many allow for six work terms. When you are in school and when you are on a work term is determined by a prescribed sequence which varies depending on the academic plan to which you were admitted. In some programs, you will be permitted to choose the sequence while in other programs your sequence will be assigned.  Once you have completed the first work term of your chosen sequence you may investigate the flexibility of your academic plan to allow changes to your sequence.

Regardless of your prescribed sequence, you will start with at least two consecutive school terms. Before your first work term, you will also be enrolled in the first of the five Professional Development (PD) courses required of students in math co-op programs. You will complete the remaining four PD courses on each of your first four work terms. 

In order to be successful in the competitive co-op employment process, your participation in the co-op program will require you to manage deadlines and tight schedules as well as remain flexible about where you work and the things you do on your work terms. You will have the opportunity to try different types of jobs in different locations and in different employment sectors, taking on increased challenges with each work term. You will make friends and contacts that will be invaluable throughout your life. After graduation, you will enter the workforce with experience and knowledge that will allow you to command better starting positions at higher salaries.

The opportunities are there for you provided you make good choices, stay flexible and remain committed to the process!