Step 5

Step 5 - Choose your non-Math elective

All students in the Faculty of Math are required to complete non-Math courses as part of their degree requirements. For Fall 2024, only students in Honours Math and Computer Science plans will select a non-Math elective.  Please note, during course selection, students will need to select two non-Math electives from the list linked below.

View the list of non-Math elective options Honours Math and Computer Science students can choose from. If you are interested in learning more about the non-math elective course options available, you can click the course links on the table and they will take you to the full course description in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar. Get familiar with the lists of terms in a course description to understand what is needed to register in the course.

What Should You Choose?

When looking at the non-math elective courses that can be chosen, consider selecting courses that cover topics you know nothing about, topics that you are interested in learning more about, or topics that you love. You can also consider how can the courses can compliment your other learning. For example: 

  • PHIL 145 – Critical Thinking examines various kinds of complex problem solving and reasoning
  • PSYCH 101 – Intro to Psychology studies the science of behaviour & mind; gain greater insight into yourself & those you interact with

  • Take a language (American Sign Language, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese to name a few)  

Take the time to explore the courses being offered in Fall 2024 by using the list linked above. Read the course descriptions and explore all the subject areas before making your selections!