1B Course Selection

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Starting in your 1B term, you will be submitting your selections in Quest. Participating in course selection is a critical step to getting enrolled in your mandatory 1B courses. Departments use this data to determine class size requirements, so it is important that you submit your selections during the Course Selection Period. You can make changes to your selections in Quest at any point between during this time period.  

Typically in their 1B term Math students take MATH 136, MATH 138 and CS 116 or CS 136 and CS 136L*.

NOTE: Students who take the advanced MATH 145, MATH 147, and CS 145 in their 1A term can select the advanced MATH 146, MATH 148, and CS 146 along with CS 136L in their 1B term. If you did not take the advanced courses in 1A, you may still be able to take the 1B advanced courses. For MATH 146 and 148, please contact the MUO. For CS 146, contact the course instructor directly. Only those students who perform very well in the honours level 1A courses will be considered. Typically, this requires a grade of 90% or higher.

*You must select CS 136 AND CS 136L in Quest or you will not be able to add the course. CS136L is also required if you are selecting CS 146

Students who are in Honours Math please see the plans starting in 2A table for additional course selection recommendations by intended major.

Non-Math Course Requirements

Students currently enrolled in a direct entry plan see the table below for additional course selection guidance:


1B term: BUS 121WECON 140W and a communication course are required.


1B term: BUS 121WECON 140W and a communication course are required.


1B term: any two non-math courses, taking breadth and depth requirements into consideration.


1B term: AFM 191 and a communication skills course are taken.


1B term: any two non-math courses.

At the start of your second year, you will choose a major. You should review the 2A plans chart to see a listing of the most popular plans available to you beginning in 2A. Select your non-mathematics courses from the suggestions listed in the 2A plans chart. For a complete listing of all our plans, please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.


1B term: a non-math course and one of BUS 111WECON 101, ECON 102AFM 101, or AFM 131.


1B term: AFM 182, COMMST 111 and ECON 100/COMM 103 are required.


1B term: a non-math course and one of ECON 101, ECON 102AFM 101, or AFM 131.

Non-Math Course Electives

If you don’t know which major you plan to declare yet consider the following when selecting your 1B elective courses:

  • Consider selecting a subject area that you know nothing about 

  • Consider selecting a subject area in a topic that you love 

  • Consider how an elective course can complement your other learning: 

    • PHIL 145 – Critical Thinking - examine various kinds of complex problem solving and reasoning  

    • PSYCH 101 – Intro to Psychology - science of behaviour & mind; gain greater insight into yourself & those you interact with 

    • Take a language (American Sign Language, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese to name a few)   

If you would like to discuss your elective options further you can book an appointment virtually or in-person with a first-year advisor. 

Double Degree Students

Double degree students should log into Quest to select their MATH and CS courses and a communications skills course. These courses will also need to be added in LORIS. You will be automatically enrolled in BUS 121 and ECON 140 at Laurier. Once your enrolment is processed, please verify that all courses appear in both Quest and LORIS.