Staff/Faculty Parking


Staff/faculty who purchase monthly can now purchase in office. All staff members parking on campus as of October 1st could be required to have a active permit displayed. We highly encourage you to move to payroll if eligible.

Staff/Faculty permits under payroll have been suspended for the months of April, May, June, July, August & September. All permits that were purchased in office will receive a credit for months not used.

As of October 1st 2020 enforcement may start & a permit may be required if parking on campus. Parking is being reviewed on a month to month basis.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permit

To apply for a Staff/Faculty Permit, please stop by Parking Services with your driver's license, employee number and ownership for any family owned vehicles you will be driving on campus.

The cost of Parking is $38.00 plus taxes ($42.94) a month If you are full time or on a contract for a minimum period of 6 months or more, you can apply to have monthly payments deducted directly from your paycheck. If you choose to purchase montly in office our office is only accepting credit and/or debit, we are no longer acceping cash.

Motorcycle parking costs $38 plus taxes ($42.94) per term. This is for those looking for parking strictly for their motorcycle.

At this time, any new staff/faculty have the option of parking in X Lot. We will add you to any other parking lots wait lists on campus. You can check your wait list status online using this link. Use your Employee ID and last name to sign in and view your account. 

Temporary Parking Accommodations must be approved by Occupational Health. Please see our Guidelines for Parking Accommodations for more information. 

Staff/Faculty Lots : X Lot, O Lot, R Lot, K Lot, L Lot, Q Lot, B Lot, UWP, A Lot, H Lot, T Lot, UWP