Let's take a look at how to unlock the computer in PHR-1004/1008/1012/2024.

Step-by-step guide

1. Locate the computer. In PHR-1004/1008/1012, you can access the computer in the cabinet to the left entrance to the room. The door should look like this.
Open the door.

2. For example, the PC in PHR-1008 looks like this:

3. Shut down the computer by pressing and holding the Power Button until you see the computer turns off.

4. Turn on the computer by pressing the same power button again.
Note*: it may take 15 minutes or so for the computer to start up. Please be patient.

5. Try logging into the computer again.

Still need help? Contact the Pharmacy IT Help Desk by sending an email to rt-pharmacyit@rt.uwaterloo.ca