Section 6: Student responsibilities during the patient care rotation


Students have a number of responsibilities during their patient care rotations. 

Week 1

  1. Student to discuss the e-mailed Rotation Package provided by the School with preceptor. 
  2. Student to complete the WSIB safety orientation checklist updated COVID version (PDF) with preceptor and upload it to CORE ELMS (previously RXpreceptor). 
  3. Student to update their place of practice (ie. rotation practice site) within "My Account" on the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) website. This must be completed at the start and finish of each rotation. 
  4. Student to review the rotation orientation checklist (PDF) with preceptor.
  5. Student to submit all site-specific pre-placement documentation to preceptor if applicable — i.e., immunization form, confidentiality agreement, etc.

Week 2

  1. Preceptor to complete the Patient Care Rotations — Clinical Practice Assessment — feedback only (no grade).
  2. Student to discuss Community of Practice Assignment ideas with preceptor and RCC.

Week 4

  1. Preceptor to complete the midpoint Patient Care Rotations — Clinical Practice Assessment in CORE ELMS.
  2. Student to complete the midpoint Patient Care Rotations - Clinical Practice Assessment - Self-Assessment in CORE ELMS. 
  3. Student to continue to work on Community of Practice Assignment and confirm date of completion with preceptor.

Week 8

  1. Student to complete the following self-assessments in CORE ELMS:
    1. Final Patient Care Rotations — Clinical Practice Assessment — Self-Assessment
    2. Community of Practice Assignment Self-Assessment
    3. Interprofessional Self-Assessment
  2. Student to review all final assessments (both self and preceptor assessments) with preceptor — i.e., Patient Care Rotations — Clinical Practice Assessment, Patient Care Rotations — Interprofessional Evaluator Assessment, and Community of Practice Assignment Assessment.
  3. Student to complete Student feedback: Patient Care Rotations online evaluation within CORE ELMS. 
  4. Student to properly dispose of all confidential material and documentation used — i.e., place material in confidential bins for shredding.

Note: The RCC or Experiential Coordinator may conduct a site visit during rotations in-person, by phone or video conferencing.

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