Current CAP students


As a CAP student, we already know that you are academically strong, motivated, and passionate about pharmacy. It is exciting for us to be a part of your pharmacy journey - which has only just begun! We are here to support and guide you as you work dilligently toward your goal of entering the PharmD program, and eventually joining the pharmacy profession.

Your CAP Advisors

Kaitlin Bynkoski

Kaitlin Bynkoski

Director of Admissions

and Undergraduate Affairs

Becky Ewan

Becky Ewan

Academic Advisor and

Undergraduate Affairs Coordinator

Your responsibilities

CAP students must take their first two years of science studies at Waterloo, and complete the academic requirements for admission to the PharmD program by the end of the winter term of their second academic year. Students are responsible for ensuring that when selecting electives they take all of the courses required for admission to the PharmD program by the end of Year Two.

The CAP Maintenance Requirement Checklist and PharmD Course Requirement Checklist will help keep you on track!

CAP maintenance requirements

The CAP maintenance requirement checklist details the requirements needed to maintain CAP status. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Complete each fall and winter term in the first two years of a science degree program, with a full course load of 2.5 units (which includes 5 lecture courses) exclusive of any associated labs.
  2. Successfully complete, within the first two years of study, all of the courses required for admission to the PharmD program, with a cumulative average of at least 75.0%. Averages are calculated using 1A, 1B, and 2A official grades.
  3. Successfully complete a minimum of 3 science courses and 2 elective courses per term (required for CAP2024; strongly recommended but not required for CAP2023).
  4. Complete the CAP Update web form and submit before the specified deadline in early June at the end of 1B. Your CAP advisor will provide individualized feedback on your progress.
  5. Successfully complete each term with no more than one failed course per term.
  6. Maintain, at a minimum, Good academic standing in each term i.e. a cumulative average between 70.0% and 80.0% (Students with an average 1.5% below the minimum requirements for their plan may be placed in Conditional academic standing and are normally given one additional term to attain a better academic standing). 
  7. Continuous involvement and leadership in extracurricular activities in your first two years of university.
  8. Provide evidence of completion of at least 200 hours of (paid or volunteer) pharmacy-related experience by submitting the Pharmacy Experience Tracking Sheet by the specified deadline at the beginning of 2B (winter term of Year Two).
  9. Complete the Intent to Register web form in Year Two, to confirm your intention to join the PharmD program in Year Three.
  10. Achieve satisfactory performance on the Casper test administered online in Year Two.
  11. Achieve satisfactory performance on the PharmD admission interview and Fundamental Skills Assessment, conducted at the end of 2B (winter term of Year Two).

Important Dates




  1. 2024
    1. Sep
      1. September (TBD)

        CAP Reception (Current CAP students only)

    2. Nov
      1. November (TBD)

        Fall Open House (open to the public)

  2. 2025
    1. Mar
      1. March (TBD)

        CAP2023 Interview and FSA Prep Session (CAP2023 students only)

      2. March (TBD)

        March Open House (open to the public)

Support Resources

  • Your CAP buddy - don't hesitate to reach out!
  • Campus Wellness - Health Services and Counselling Services
  • WUSA (Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association) - Empower Me - 24/7 virtual counselling support, Grand River Transit (GRT) pass, Health and Dental Plan, and more!
  • MATES - A student-run one-on-one peer support service
  • Science Undergraduate Office - Dedicated academic advisors who will provide you with course advice, help you plan your academic career and connect you with resources.
  • Grade calculator - Log in to Portal to access this great resource (through Academics: click on the course then go to Grades tab)
Pharm students talking
CAP Students

CAP students having fun at the 2022 reception with team-building activities and advisor sessions.