Post-admission requirements

Notice for Rx2028

Post-admission requirements outlined below are for Rx2027 only. The School will provide Rx2028 details related to your post-admission requirements during Fall 2024 (prior to starting the program). Changes are expected, so do not take any steps to complete the requirements outline below until further notice is provided.

Last updated: June 28, 2024

To participate in and complete the experiential curricular components, pharmacy students must fulfil a number of immunization and documentation requirements.

Students who fail to comply with these requirements will not be permitted to participate in certain mandatory academic course components and, as such, academic penalties may apply.

Expenses related to completion of these requirements are the responsibility of the student.

Post-admission requirements are due to be submitted by July 1 (Year One) in the PharmD program (unless otherwise indicated).

If you have any questions about post-admission requirements, please contact

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To protect themselves, patients and other individuals they will be working with, it is important that students maintain an up-to-date immunization status. The University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy requires that students fulfil the Michener Institute Immunization requirements. These requirements meet the immunization standards and associated health practices set forth in:

  • The Public Hospitals Act 1990, Revised Statutes of Ontario, Regulation 965
  • Communicable Disease Surveillance Protocols published jointly by the Ontario Hospital Association and the Ontario Medical Association and approved by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Canadian Immunization Guide: Part 3 - Vaccination of Specific Populations

Records of past immunizations can typically be obtained by students from their parents, family physician, or local Public Health Unit. Students are responsible for maintaining their immunizations and are required to submit up-to-date records of the immunizations listed below by July 1 (Year One) in the Pharmacy program. Deadline is December 1 for fourth year patient care rotations. The completed immunization record form should be uploaded into the appropriate folder of your "Requirements" in your CORE ELMS account. Failure to comply with immunization and documentation requirements may result in cancellation of co-op placements, patient care rotations, withholding of academic grades and/or denial of academic progression. Any student who requires an accommodation (due to disability, illness or condition) should contact AccessAbility Services as well as the School's Director of Undergraduate Affairs.


Except as noted below, students must have a two-step Mantoux test by July 1 (Year One) in the Pharmacy program. This test involves two injections that are spaced 1–3 weeks apart.


  • If a student has previously had a negative two-step Mantoux test AND has a record of completion, a single step Mantoux test is to be administered.
  • If the student is known to be skin test positive, the Mantoux test is not recommended. Documentation of skin-test positive history and chest x-ray must be submitted.
  • Individuals who react positively to a Mantoux test require medical assessment and follow up chest x-ray and counselling. Students are advised to keep a copy of the report of the chest x-ray for their own records.
  • If a student develops symptoms of tuberculosis or is exposed to tuberculosis while enrolled in the Pharmacy program, he/she is expected to obtain the necessary medical assessment, treatment and counselling recommended. The student must notify the School’s Director of Undergraduate Affairs.

Hepatitis B

Students must have proof of a completed series of Hepatitis B vaccine AND a blood test for antibody titres. The completed series is typically 3 injections given at baseline, 1 and 6 months, although alternate schedules also exist and range between 2 to 4 injections. Students who receive non-reactive titre results must undergo a complete second series of immunizations and follow-up blood test to confirm immunity.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

Proof of a series of two MMR immunizations should be documented. Such immunization must have taken place after 1980. Immunity may also be proven through a blood test for antibody titres (If only one MMR vaccination is documented a second series or booster may be required).

Varicella (Chicken Pox)

Students must submit proof of positive Varicella antibody titres or documented evidence of receipt of 2 varicella vaccine doses at least 4 weeks apart. Self-report of chicken pox is no longer sufficient evidence of immunity.


A single adult dose (on or after 18th birthday) of Tdap – tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis is required. If the student has received the Tdap vaccination as an adult, a Tetanus and Diphtheria (Td) booster is recommended every 10 years. The adult dose is in addition to the routine adolescent booster dose (14-16 years). There is no contraindication in receiving Tdap if you had recently received Td vaccination. It is not necessary to wait until your next Td vaccination.


Proof of a complete primary series of polio vaccinations is required. If immunization is required and oral poliomyelitis (OPV) vaccine is to be used, the health care professional should be aware of the timing of co-op work placements so as to ensure the student will not be shedding live virus and inadvertently exposing immunocompromised patients. For this reason, inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine (IPV) is recommended.


In an effort to protect public health and reduce the spread of illness, COVID-19 vaccination is required for all members of campus and several of our experiential learning sites. Proof of two valid doses is required. Some institutional and LTC sites require proof of booster doses. 

Influenza (strongly recommended)

As students will be working with the public and patients throughout the Pharmacy program, it is strongly recommended that all Pharmacy students receive the influenza vaccine (especially during Fall and Winter work terms). Although this vaccine is not currently required by the School, clinical sites may refuse to allow students on site who have not been vaccinated, or require students to follow particular guidelines.

Individual work term or site requirements

Individual work term employers or other placement sites may impose additional requirements on Pharmacy students. Details will be provided by the employer or the School of Pharmacy, prior to the commencement of the applicable term.

Students with communicable diseases

Students with tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV infection are required to inform the School’s Director of Undergraduate Affairs of their condition. All students are expected to be in a state of health such that they may participate in the academic program, including patient care, without posing a risk to themselves or others. Students with the above diseases, or other communicable infectious diseases, must obtain counseling regarding how to safely participate in work terms to reduce the risk to themselves and others. All information on the health status of students shall remain confidential.


Immunization Record Form (1st year)  (PDF)

Immunization Record Form (4th year rotations). (PDF)

*Note: Some practice sites may require students to complete a site-specific immunization form in addition to the School’s  Immunization Record Form. Please check your site-specific pre-rotation requirements once practice site schedules are determined.

UW Student Health Services is available to assist students with the completion of immunization requirements.

Standard First Aid and CPR Level C Certification

All Pharmacy students must submit evidence of completion of both a Standard First Aid course and a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Level C course prior to their first co-op work term. It is recommended that the course(s) be taken with St. John Ambulance, Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, and/or Heart and Stroke Foundation (or one of their affiliated training partners).

Evidence of currently valid certification should be uploaded by July 1 (Year One) in the Pharmacy program into the appropriate folder of your "Requirements" in your CORE ELMS account. 

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain current certification and to submit evidence of re-certification no later than one month prior to the expiry date of the certification initially submitted to the school. Failure to submit required documentation may result in withholding of academic grades and/or denial of academic progression.

Police Records Check (Experiential site specific requirement)

While the School of Pharmacy does not require students to provide a Police Records Check upon admission, it should be noted that a number of community service agencies, co-op work sites and patient care rotations sites may impose such a requirement. Under such circumstances, the onus is on the student to fulfill this requirement at their own expense.

Students should be aware that the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) requires applicants for registration (students, interns, and pharmacists) to submit a completed Declaration of Good Character which includes a statement regarding offences. It is a requirement of the Pharmacy program that all students register with the OCP prior to their first co-op work term.

*PENDING* Personal Professional Liability Insurance and Other School Requirements

NOTE: The Ontario Ministry of Health has approved changes to regulations under the Pharmacy Act that has impacted the Ontario College of Pharmacists registration process.

As of October 1, 2024, the pharmacy student class of registration with the Ontario College of Pharmacists will be eliminated. After this date, students will no longer be required to register with the College in order to participate in controlled acts while on work term or rotations in Ontario. Note: regulations vary by province/territory, so be sure to check with the regulatory body in your specific work or rotation location. 

The University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy requires every student to purchase “Personal Professional Liability Insurance” and maintain coverage throughout their time as a “Registered Student” (normally the policy must be renewed annually). 

There may be additional School requirements coming into effect due to changes with the College's registration process. Those changes will be announced early fall 2024.