In Pharmacy, the MSc thesis proposal and the PhD thesis proposal are required courses.  Pharm 601 is the MSc Thesis Proposal course and Pharm 616 (A and B) are the PhD Thesis Proposal courses.  Requirements for these courses are in the graduate studies academic calendar. Link to the Pharmacy graduate course subject descriptions for requirements and other course information.

The Administrative Coordinator for Graduate Studies and Research will communicate dates for the scientific writing workshop and for thesis proposal presentations to students via email, attendance at which are required components of the proposal courses and should be attended in term 1.  Students do not need to be registered in PHARM 601 or PHARM 616 to attend the scientific writing workshop or thesis proposals of other students.

Students should enrol in the course only once throughout their program, in the term during which they will complete their thesis proposal examination.

  • MSc students must take their thesis proposal examination before the end of their second term, or (infrequently and with permission of the graduate officer) no later than the middle of the third term.
  • PhD students must complete their thesis proposal examination within their first year of the PhD program.