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Hallman Director David Edwards received Canadian Pharmacist Association Honorary Life Award

Friday, June 8, 2018

David Edwards Waterloo Pharmacy Hallman Director David Edwards was awarded the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) Honorary Life Award this June in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He was one of several award winners at the CPhA annual conference. The School of Pharmacy was also celebrated by CPhA with a Certificate of Recognition in acknowledgement of the School’s 10th anniversary.

Edwards was recognized for his significant contributions to the profession of pharmacy.

“I would like to thank CPhA for this honour and it really is an honour when I look at the list of past recipients of this award,” says Edwards. “These are individuals who have made a difference in the profession and I am very proud to be included in this group.”  He added: “I am particularly pleased to have been nominated by one of our alumni at the University of Waterloo.  I have been very fortunate throughout my career to work with many fantastic students and I owe much of my success to the wonderful students, faculty and staff that I have had the opportunity to work with.”

A graduate of the University of Toronto BSc in Pharmacy program, Edwards completed his PharmD and post-doctoral training in pharmacokinetics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. That education has served him well as a researcher, and he has published over 100 scientific papers, review articles, and book chapters related to pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, therapeutic drug monitoring, and bioequivalence and drug interactions. He also completed a Master in Public Health degree at Wayne State University in Detroit where he was Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

Edwards has served in leadership roles with the Canadian associations that govern and advocate for pharmacy including the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Ontario College of Pharmacists. He is currently President of the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada and a board member and former president of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy.

Edwards joined the University of Waterloo in 2011 as Professor and Hallman Director of the School of Pharmacy. Under his leadership, the School has grown to reflect the evolving role of pharmacists and health researchers in Canada’s health care system. He oversaw the School’s transition from a BSc in Pharmacy to a PharmD program, the implementation of a PhD program, the development of a new Clinical Masters program, and much more.

Waterloo Pharmacy is renown for its innovative program that offers extensive hands-on learning, a robust business curriculum, and a focus on communication. Edwards sees these unique elements as a strength of the program.

“It’s a given that pharmacists in the future will have a wealth of knowledge about medications,” says Edwards. “The most critical skill for future success will be the ability to effectively communicate that information to patients and health care providers. Pharmacists need to embrace their role as educators.” 

As Edwards’ years at the helm of Waterloo Pharmacy demonstrate, he’s certainly embraced his role as an educator.

Congratulations, David Edwards!

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