Will Schill, Sasha Kushnarevsky (Remedy'sRx), Micayley Cromwell, Cathy Schill, Chris Shin (McKesson)
The first Remedy’sRx Legacy award was presented to Rx2021 student Micayley Cromwell. Left to right:Will Schill, Sasha Kushnarevsky (Remedy'sRx), Micayley Cromwell, Cathy Schill, Chris Shin (McKesson)

In 2018, members of the KW Legacy group presented the inaugural Remedy’sRx Legacy award to Micayley Cromwell, a first year pharmacy student.

“None of us would be where we are today without someone to help us along the way – professors, family, professional mentors,” says Will Schill, pharmacist and one of the people behind the new award. “It made sense for us to give back to the profession that shaped who we are today.”

Will is a founding member of KW Legacy, a group formed in 2014 with the goal of using its member’s networks and skills to accelerate start-up charity initiatives in the community. The Legacy members grew up in Waterloo Region and develop initiatives to give back to the community that shaped their personal and professional lives.

Will and his wife Cathy lead successful careers as pharmacists and owners and have travelled and worked throughout Ontario. Today, they own three pharmacies in the region - Schill’s Remedy’sRx in Waterloo, Royal Oaks Remedy’sRx in Wingham, and Midtown Pharmacy in Kitchener.

Developing a pharmacy-specific award was important to the Schills – the profession of pharmacy is a tight knit community and mentorship plays a significant role.

“To get started, I approached a few other Remedy’sRx owners in the area and asked if they were interested in supporting this cause. Overwhelmingly, they were eager to jump on board,” explains Will.

The first year of funding is supported by Cathy and Will, Poshin Jobanputra (Cook’s Pharmacy, Waterloo), Scott McDonell and Scott Hannay (Williamsburg Remedy’sRx, Medical Centre Dispensary Remedy’sRx, Andrew St. Remedy’sRx, Kitchener). After gathering that initial support, Will approached McKesson Canada, and the pharmacy organization was pleased to lend further support. The Remedy’sRx Legacy award is currently funded for three years.

As the first recipient, Rx2021 student Micayley receives both financial support for her pharmacy education and professional mentorship from Cathy and Will. Micayley grew up in Guelph and has worked in local pharmacies. 

“I am very grateful to KW Legacy and the people behind this award for the generous funding I received and the opportunities it will provide me,” she says. “The award has helped to reduce the financial burden of a professional program like pharmacy, allowing me to dedicate myself to pursuing both my professional development and my involvement in extracurricular activities.”