A group of people in a pharmacy
Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Pharmacy back on the road: Ottawa and Sudbury

Our Waterloo Pharmacy leadership team was back on the road for the first time in three years since the pandemic, making trips to Ottawa and Sudbury, to meet with preceptors, co-op employers, alumni, and stakeholders.

“Connecting with our pharmacy and wider health-care community is incredibly important to our experiential program’s success. We continue to thrive and graduate outstanding pharmacists due to these relationships and are incredibly grateful for our stakeholders, preceptors and student organizers support,” says Andrea Edginton, Hallman Director at the School.

Ottawa Region

The visit to the nation’s capital consisted of a dinner with hospital directors, a lunch meeting with hospital directors and student coordinators and an alumni and friend pub night. Our experiential coordinators also stopped by co-op and rotation sites in Belleville and Kingston alongside the Ottawa region.

Group of pharmacists in a pharmacy

L-r: Amanda Teti (LMC co-op employer), Andrea Edginton (Hallman Director), Zoya Choukeir (Rx2025), Anthony Miller (experiential co-ordinator co-op) and Ken Manson (experiential co-ordinator rotations) visit LMC Pharmacy in Nepean, Ontario

Anthony Miller, Bechara Haddad and Andrea Edginton

Waterloo Pharmacy experiential team visiting Health Canada. L-r: Anthony Miller (experiential co-ordinator co-op), Bechara Haddad (Rx2013), Andrea Edginton (Hallman Director).

Group of pharmacists at a pharmacy

Waterloo Pharmacy experiential team visiting Bell Pharmacy in Ottawa, Ontario. L-r: Hersy Dayib (Rx2018), Tony Boghossian (owner, long time preceptor and co-op supervisor), Lina Musa (Rx2023), Edward Haddad (Rx2022), Kassem Osman (pharmacist), Anthony Miller (experiential co-ordinator co-op), Taline Boghossian (Rx2014, preceptor and co-op supervisor), Ken Manson (experiential co-oridinator rotations).

Group of people

Waterloo Pharmacy team alongside alumni and preceptors at the alumni and friends pub night in Ottawa, Ontario.

Sudbury Region

Sudbury included a stakeholder and alumni dinner, a visit to the Northern School of Medicine (NOSM), an alumni and friends pub night and a coffee-break with the Health Science North (HSN) Pharmacy department.

A group of people

Waterloo Pharmacy team at the alumni and friends pub night in Sudbury, Ontario.

A group of people at a round dinner table

Waterloo Pharmacy team at the stakeholder and alumni dinner including preceptors, employers and alumni in Sudbury, Ontario.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the pub nights, dinners and coffee breaks!