Two pharmacy students standing at the front of an elementary school class.
Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Inspiring the next generation of pharmacists

Waterloo School of Pharmacy students visit local elementary schools for Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Every March since 2016, students from Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy have been volunteering and visiting Region of Waterloo schools to educate the younger generation on what pharmacists do during Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM).

This year during PAM, 30 pharmacy students volunteered and presented to more than 400 elementary students across nine schools in the region.

Student volunteers Victoria Nguyen (PharmD'25), Avery Brown (PharmD ’24) and Kia Moazzami (PharmD ’24) tailored each presentation to the specific grade level of the class they presented to.

The students are focused on imparting their knowledge of pharmacy and recognize this is an approachable way to interact with the children and educate them.

We try to make the sessions as interactive and accessible as possible by using props and kits in our presentations to help children grasp the knowledge by interacting with the items. Targeting everyone’s learning abilities through visual, auditory or kinesthetic learning is important to us.

Avery Brown, PharmD ’24

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