Khrystine Waked
Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Ambulatory Residency Spotlight: Khrystine Waked

Khrystine Waked (Rx2018) is a pharmacist at a family health team and an adjunct clinical assistant professor. She completed the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy Ambulatory Care Residency Program in 2019, the second resident to graduate.

After her four-year academic career at the School, Waked decided to pursue residency to fulfill her dream of working in a primary care setting.

I was mentored by some of the best in the profession. This residency program really is career changing.

Khrystine Waked, Rx2018

The Residency Experience

Waked completed her residency rotations with an open mind, eager to try everything the program had to offer. Her rotations were varied and impactful in different ways.

“I knew it was the perfect blend for me. Time to sit with patients, build relationships and provide the best care that I can,” says Waked.

She was integrated into the pharmacist role within a family health team, an opportunity that is only available to residents. Her time at the regional memory clinic in downtown Kitchener exposed her to working with vulnerable populations. She spent time completing home visits for patients unable to commute to the clinic and completed a rotation at Grand River Hospital in the acute care section.

Her research was published in the Canadian Family Physician Journal, Managing hypertension in primary care. 

Lastly, she completed a teaching certificate to teach as a sessional instructor at Waterloo Pharmacy.

Q&A with Khrystine Waked

UW: Why did you choose to pursue a residency?

KW: During my time at pharmacy school I always thought I’d be a community pharmacist. Through the co-op work terms I explored different pharmacy careers and found a love for primary care. Being able to make an impact on a patient and improve their life helped me discover my passion.

UW: What did you find innovative about your residency term?

KW: My residency experience was very educational and eye-opening for me. Because of the unique set-up of the program, I saw how valuable a pharmacist is in a primary care setting, for the team and for patient care.

UW: What is your advice to future residency candidates?

KW: Say yes to everything! Immerse yourself in every opportunity that presents itself. Even if you’re not sure of it, even if you have a smidgen of interest, go for it. You never know where it’ll take you.

Future Plans

Waked has found a role in her team that allows her to push the boundaries of the profession. Her time in the residency program and the mentorship she received helped her reach her career goals, both as an instructor and pharmacist.

“I’ve found a place I can see myself staying for the rest of my career. But you never know what may come along, so I will keep saying yes to opportunities that arise,” says Waked.

She loves to play tennis, cook and spends her free time outside. Her new puppy has brought her so much joy and she loves to take him for walks.