Profs Ho and Wetting smiling

The Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology recognizes 16 research leaders across campus. This year’s recipients include Emmanuel Ho (left) and Shawn Wettig (right)

Emmanuel Ho and Shawn Wettig, professors with the School of Pharmacy, were recognized in November with Research Leader awards from the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN). They are among two of 16 recipients who were acknowledged for their contributions to the nanotechnology field.

WIN bestows Research Leader awards based on the following criteria:

  • Individual or group receiving major grants with value equal or greater than $500K
  • Major national and international awards
  • Published books and other major scholarships and creativity

Emmanuel Ho was honoured for several on-going research projects which include the Canadian Institutes for Health (CIHR) funded project “3D Printed Scaffolds for the Prevention of HIV” and the CIHR-funded project “Development of a Microwave Enabled Bio-Nano-Microfluidic Device for Point-of-Care Diagnosis of COVID-19”. This project is in partnership with Professor Carolyn Ren, a WIN member in the Faculty of Engineering.

Shawn Wettig was recognized for a variety of impactful articles and accolades he recently received. He was a recipient of the Ontario Centres of Excellence Vouchers for Innovation for the project “Development of a Platform for the Passive Transdermal Delivery of Macromolecules Possessing a

Wide Range of Physicochemical Properties.” He has also published two impactful articles: "m-s-m cationic gemini and zwitterionic surfactants – a thermodynamic analysis of their mixed micelle formation,” which was cited as RSC Advances January 2020 Hot Article, and "Mixing behaviour of Pluronics with gemini surfactant/plasmid DNA condensates: effect of Pluronic composition" which was a cover article for Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2020, issue 22.

All winners will receive an individual plaque with engraved writing identifying them as a WIN Research Leader for 2019 – 2020.

Congratulations, Professors Ho and Wettig!