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Waterloo Pharmacy has strong presence at Ontario Pharmacists Association conference

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Smiling pharmacy students and faculty at the OPA conferenceStudents, alumni, and faculty of Waterloo Pharmacy had a strong showing at the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) 2018 conference. The OPA conference is an annual meeting that brings together more than 500 pharmacists from across Ontario and features presentations on best practices and emerging trends in pharmacy. Waterloo Pharmacy faculty, alumni, and students were among this year’s presenters and award winners.

Here’s a rundown of Waterloo Pharmacy highlights:

Sally Ebsary recognized with Co-op Supervisor of the Year Award at reception

Anthony Miller, Sally Ebsary, Jamie Dang, and Nancy Waite

Anthony Miller, Sally Ebsary, Jamie Dang, and Nancy Waite.

Each year during the OPA conference, Waterloo Pharmacy hosts a reception for friends of the School. This year’s reception was bustling with over 80 alumni, students, faculty, preceptors and co-op supervisors gathering to connect and discuss the conference, the School of Pharmacy’s 10-year milestone, and the exciting plans for our future.

The reception was also an opportunity present Waterloo Pharmacy’s annual award for Co-op Supervisor of the Year. The 2017 recipient is Sally Ebsary, a Clinical Lead Pharmacist at Remedy’s Rx Sunnyside Long-Term Care in Cambridge. Ebsary has long been a supporter of Waterloo Pharmacy: not only does she supervise students, but she served as a Clinical Adjunct Professor for the School from 2008 to 2013.

As a pharmacist at Remedy’sRx, she has mentored both co-op and rotations students, consistently cultivating a supportive environment, and modelling successful interprofessional collaboration. See this article for more on Sally Ebsary and the co-op award.

Pharmacy student researchers share findings

This year’s conference featured a session called Meet the Future Leaders in Research where twelve Ontario pharmacy students were selected to present research conducted as part of their pharmacy education. Of these twelve students, nine presenters were Waterloo Pharmacy students: Daniel Archibald, Ashley Bancsi, Mohamed El Sheikh, Naushin Hooda, Kristina Kozlovsky, Simond Lieu, Chris Voss, Katarina Vuckovic, and Injeong Yang.

Pharmacy student researchers at OPA

Of these 3-minute presentations, Kristina Kozlovsky’s talk was recognized with a Best Presentation Award. Kozlovsky’s research, entitled Community Pharmacy-Based Travel Health Services, was conducted under supervisor Waterloo professor Sherilyn Houle and Dr. Zahava Rosenberg-Yunger from OPA. The team surveyed community pharmacists in Ontario in order to describe the current landscape and perceptions around pharmacist-led travel health services in the province.

Waterloo Pharmacy connections among OPA Conference award winners

Each year OPA honours outstanding pharmacists for their contributions to pharmacy practice in Ontario. Several of this year’s award winners have ties to Waterloo Pharmacy.

Barb Farrell received the Exceptional Achievement in Research and Academia Award in recognition of her contributions to advancing the profession and patient safety through academic research. Farrell is an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor with the School and a leader in deprescribing research, which she conducts through the Bruyère Research Institute. She is a member of the Ontario Pharmacy Evidence Network and is a co-principle investigator leading a project on deprescribing guidelines for the elderly.

Rob Modestino was recognized as Pharmacist of the Year, an award bestowed on a pharmacist who’s demonstrated outstanding achievement in all areas of pharmacy practice. Modestino is a pharmacist and owner and was previously a Regional Clinical Coordinator for Waterloo Pharmacy. Today, he continues to act as a preceptor in the Windsor Region, supervising students on their patient care rotations.

Phil Hauser received the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Bowl of Hygeia Award which recognizes outstanding community service carried out by a pharmacist. The recipient’s actions not only benefit their community but also reflect positively on the profession of pharmacy. Hauser is a pharmacist and owner, and he actively supervises Waterloo Pharmacy students a preceptor in the Niagara Region.

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