How to add an email account in Outlook 365

This article describes the steps you need to take in order to add an email account to Office 365 Outlook desktop app for the 1st time. If you are looking to add a 2nd account, please read How to add additional email accounts in Outlook 365 desktop.

Step-by-step guide

  • Open the Outlook 365 desktop application on your computer. If you do not already have the desktop app installed:
    • Sign into Office 365 via the web portal using your account
    • Click on "Install Office 365" in the top right corner of the webpage, and run the installer.
  • Upon opening the Outlook application, enter your email address and then click "Connect".
  • On the new page, click "Exchange".


  • Depending on the type of email you are trying to connect you'll be met with one of two sign in prompts:
    • For a generic address:
      •  select "More choices" 
      • Click "Use a different account"
      • Type your userid into the field with "nexus\" before your userid. For example, "nexus\"
    • For a personal account:
      • Enter your password in the password field.
      • Click "remember my credentials".
      • Press "OK".


  • If you wish to add other emails, enter in another address under "Add another email address" and click "Next". 
  • Otherwise click "Done"


  • You should now close Outlook. Wait for a few minutes so that account data can be synchronized to your local server from the Cloud and then start Outlook again.

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