Profiles and achievements

The Department of Political Science is proud to be the home of 5 recipients of the Faculty of Arts Young Alumni Award and 5 Faculty of Arts Achievement Award recipients! Congratulations!

Shirqille Tisi

Shirqille Tisi

MA 2022, Political Science, Co-op 

Current Job: Data Analyst, Department of Natural Defence

About My Job: My day-to-day work often requires me to conduct environment scans on crucial policy issues related to data governance, data management and technology. In my current position, I am required to conduct secondary research and synthesize research into applicable recommendations. I am also responsible for preparing materials for a horizontal steering committee and coordinating project materials with multiple stakeholders.

Grad Studies at UW: My UWaterloo graduate studies have prepared to communicate effectively with a variety of different stakeholders, conduct research to develop recommendations and also critically think through policy and project issues. The various assignments during my graduate studies allowed me to develop these three fundamental skills.

My Top Advice: My top advice for UW Political Science would be develop both oral and written communications that focuses on the "SO WHAT" or application of your analysis to a policy or project issue. Upper management is busy so they want to know why their support on your recommendations is needed. Effective communication gets your message across in a clear and concise way that eliminates ambiguity.

Emilyne (Emmy) Egulu

Emmy Egulu

MA 2021, Political Science, Co-op 

Current Job: Junior Analyst, Infrastructure Canada

About My Job: As a Junior Analyst at Infrastructure Canada, my role entails the preparation of Cabinet/Treasury submissions and business plans for review by senior management. I am also responsible for offering advice and guidance to project teams, management, and clients on risk management, performance measurement standards, indicators, benchmarks, and various policies, programs, and processes. Additionally, I conduct research and analysis to support the branch's infrastructure programs, ensuring they are well-informed and effective.

Grad Studies at UW: My graduate studies at UW have been instrumental in preparing me for career success through hands-on experience, strong theoretical foundations, and robust networking opportunities. The master's co-op program allowed me to develop a diverse skillset in public policy, research, and project management through positions at Infrastructure Canada, International Development Research Centre, National Research Council Canada, Public Services and Procurement Canada, and Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. Further, the program's curriculum equipped me with the knowledge necessary to navigate complex policy landscapes, while my Master's Major Research Project honed my research and analytical abilities. Finally, the connections and relationships formed during my time at the university continue to provide support and mentorship in my professional journey.

My Top Advice: As a UW Political Science graduate student, it is crucial to actively pursue co-op placements or internships aligned with your interests and career objectives. These experiences offer practical skills, hands-on experience, and invaluable networking opportunities for professional growth. Engage in networking by attending events, conferences, and workshops, connecting with professionals and peers to learn from their experiences and uncover job prospects. Work diligently on research projects and dissertations to hone analytical and critical thinking skills, while staying informed on current affairs to contextualize your academic knowledge. By following this guidance, you'll be well-prepared for a successful career in political science after graduating from the University.

Jacqueline Harber

Jacqueline Harber

MA 2020, Political Science, Co-op 

Current Job: Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ontario Public Service

About My Job: I work on a team that specializes in local government policy, municipal affairs and municipal powers. My role entails supporting projects that result in strategic policy and legislative or regulatory changes of key pieces of municipal legislation (e.g., Municipal Act, 2001). As a senior policy advisor, I lead different projects from the initial stage of policy development, to consultation, through to approval by the legislature. My role also includes developing and delivering education and training materials related to legislative changes for internal and external audiences to support the successful implementation of policy initiatives.

Grad Studies at UW: My graduate studies at the University of Waterloo have prepared me for success by providing me a breadth of experiences. Some of the skills I developed through my experiences include: Gained leadership experience as a Teaching Assistant through providing mentorship to students. Extensive research and analysis skills to think outside of the box, provide sound advice and develop policy recommendations. Developed my critical thinking and soft skills through my co-op placement to bring with me to the workplace. Strengthened my project management skills through the process of completing my Masters Research Paper that has helped me manage project milestones in my current job.

My Top Advice: My top advice for all University of Waterloo Political Science graduate students would be to always be open to trying new things. You never know when a new opportunity will come our way and you should always be open to embracing a challenge. When it comes to post-graduation, you do not need to have it all figured out. Keep an open mind when it comes to your career trajectory because something you may have never imagined could end up being what you truly love to do.

Laura Sanchez Martinez 

Laura Sanchez Martinez

MA 2019, Political Science, Co-op 

Current Job: Assistant Durable Solutions, UNHCR - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

About My Job: The Assistant Durable Solutions Officer reports to the Durable Solutions Officer and may have supervisory responsibility for durable solutions staff. She/he is relied upon to contribute to design, implementation and monitoring of the Protection and Solutions Strategy (with a focus on the legal component as well as the economic, socio-cultural and civil-political elements of solutions), in close collaboration with UNHCR government and civil society partners as well as private sector.

My Top Advice: Crreate a network!

 Bridget King

Bridget King profile picture.

North America Branding and Communications Program Manager, Early Professional Talent Acquisition, IBM

BA 2015, Arts and Business Co-op (Political Science)

Sarah Howard

Alumna Sarah Howard

Graduate Student Experience Specialist, University of Waterloo 

MA 2017, Political Science

Kazim Habib

Kazim Habib

Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship

BA 2017, Political Science

Michelle Vello

Michelle Vello

Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada

MA 2017, Political Science

Karina Sangha

Karina Sangha

Research Analyst, Global Public Affairs

MA 2013, Political Science

Katie Meredith

Katie Meredith

International Initiatives Officer, Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Agriculture

BA 2011, ARBUS and Political Science

Natalie MacNeil

Natalie MacNeil

Co-founder, Imaginarius and Treehaus Collaborative Workspace; Member, Young Entrepreneur Council

BA 2008, ARBUS and Political Science

2012 Arts Young Alumni Ach. Award recipient

Alexa Nielsen

Alexa Nielsen

Senior Strategic Planner, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario

MA 2008, Political Science

Ben Ries

Benjamin Ries

Review Counsel, Downtown Legal Services, University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law

BA 2006, Honours Applied Studies Co-op, and Honours Political Science, Co-op

2014 Arts Young Alumni Ach. Award recipient

Muneeba Omar

Muneeba Omar

Senior Project Leader, Industry Canada

BA 2005, Political Science with Management Studies minor

2013 Arts Young Alumni Award recipient

Tanya De Mello

Toni de Mello

Director of Human Rights, Ryerson University

BA 2002, Honours Applied Studies, International Trade Specialization an Honours Economics Co-op

2011 Arts Young Alumni Ach. Award recipient

Mark Schaan

Mark Schaan

Director General, Marketplace Framework Policy Branch - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) / Government of Canada

BA 2002, Honours Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies Option

2010 Arts Young Alumni Award recipient

Tasos Stathopoulos

Tasos Stathopoulos

National Sales Manager of Canada and Senior Manager of U.S. National Accounts for BESSEY Tools North America

BA 1997, Political Science

Jacqueline Armstrong Gates

Jacqueline Armstrong

Partner, Gowlings' Waterloo region office

BA 1991, Political Science

2017 Arts Alumni Achievement Award recipient

Philip Tanner

Philip Tanner

Asia Regional Director, CARE Canada; Board Member, Canadian Christian Relief and Development Association

BA 1988, Honours Political Science

MA 1990,Political Science

2011 Arts Alumni Achievement Award recipient

Jud Whiteside

Jud Whiteside

Retired Senior Partner, Miller Thomson

BA 1970, Honours Political Science

2014 Arts Alumni Achievement Award recipient