PD4: Teamwork introduces students to the theory and research underpinning effective teamwork and small-group communication. Why do workplace teams succeed or fail? The answer extends beyond the personalities of the team members. PD4 students learn to evaluate the perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and social norms that affect team performance, and they connect their personal experiences to the concepts they learn in the course.

What do PD4 students do?

  • Learn about the concepts underpinning “good” and “bad” teamwork
  • Think critically about their own experiences in teams and areas for improvement
  • Apply course concepts to their work terms and to simulations within the course
  • Reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as communicators within teams

If you've completed PD4 and want to feature the course on your résumé, you're welcome to use and adapt the following bullet points in a "Professional Development" or "Relevant Courses" section:

  • Applied emotional intelligence concepts to workplace scenarios to contribute to team success
  • Learned to use team rules for effective decision making and creativity in the workplace
  • Developed working knowledge of various leadership styles such as charismatic/authoritarian/democratic/laissez-faire/transactional to advance team goals
  • Evaluated strength of group cohesion in the workplace and tested strategies to improve where needed/identified good practices to reinforce them

How are PD4 students graded?

PD4 students complete a series of quizzes, experiential activities, and reflections over the course of the term. To pass the course, students must earn an overall grade of 50% or higher. They must also earn a grade of 50% or higher on the self-reflective communication audit completed during the last week of the course. While the course is focused on teamwork, all of the assessments are completed on an individual basis.

If you have a question about grading in PD4, contact the course team using the information in the sidebar.


PD4’s instructor is Dr. Robert Danisch, an associate professor in the department of Drama and Speech Communication at the University of Waterloo.


PD4 is offered during the Winter and Spring terms.

Enrolment information

PD4 is an elective PD course for students in all faculties. Students must enrol themselves in the course using Quest.

Contact information

Course team: pd4@uwaterloo.ca

ISC: Trish Owens powens@uwaterloo.ca