Vendor: West-Bond Inc.
Model: 747677E
Purpose: Used for making electrical contacts between semiconductor dies and packages

Equipment description:

The Westbond 747677E wire bonder is a manual wirebond tool which is fully convertible to enable both wedge and ball bonding methods. This tool uses ultrasonic energy or heat to bond wire leads between wafer dies and contact pads of electronic packages. The 747677E is typically left configured for 1 mil (25 μm) Au wire (ball bonding configuration).

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System features and options:

  • "Triple convertible" tool enabling 45° wedge, 90° (deep access) wedge and ball bonding
  • Compatible with Al and Au wires from 0.7 mil to 2 mil in diameter for room temperature thermosonic bonding
  • Multiple heated workholders available
  • 4 W 63 kHz ultrasonic transducer
  • Manual control available via 8:1 reduction ratio micromanipulator arm