Bruker Icon/Fastscan atomic force microscope [BRUKER-AFM]

Vendor: Bruker

Model: Dimension FastScan

Purpose: Scanning probe microscopy of various sample types; equipped with FastScan and ICON scanners.

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Equipment description:

The Bruker FastScan/Icon® is an atomic force microscope (AFM) capable of mapping surfaces with nanoscale lateral resolution and sub-nanometer depth resolution. The technique employs a laser feedback system focused on a sharp probe which is scanned over the sample surface. Best results are achieved with clean, hard samples that are relatively flat (<1 µm height difference). The FastScan® head enables high-speed topographical scanning using ultra-high frequency probes. Alternatively, the Icon® scan head can be used when a larger scan area, greater sample roughness or additional advanced surface analysis modes are required.

Available analysis modes include:

  • ScanAsyst® (PeakForce Tapping™) mode
  • Tapping/Contact Mode
  • Quantitative Nanomechanical mapping
  • Conductive and Magnetic mapping (PeakForce TUNA™ extended application module)
  • Thermal (VITA extended application module)