Vendor: Bruker

Model: DektakXT

Purpose: Stylus-based scanning system for measuring surface topography and thin film step heights

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Equipment description:

The DektakXT stylus surface profiler is a thin and thick film step height measurement tool. The DektakXT system takes measurements electromechanically by moving a diamond-tipped stylus over the sample surface according to a user-programmed scan length, speed, and stylus force. The stylus is linked to a Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LDVT), which produces and processes electrical signals that correspond to surface variations of the sample. After being converted to digital format, these surface variations are stored for display and analysis.

System features:

  • Vision64 measurement and analysis software
  • Stylus size is 2 μm
  • Two-axis, manual sample-positioning stage with 4″ x 4″ of X-Y translation
  • Manual leveling and sample rotation
  • Two-point programmable or cursor software leveling
  • 55 mm maximum sample thickness
  • Scans of 2.16″ maximum length