Vendor: Reynoldstech

Model: Custom

Purpose: Bulk wet silicon etch via solutions of KOH

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Equipment description:

The Reynoldstech bulk Si etch wetbench is dedicated to performing wet isotropic Si etching using KOH solutions. KOH solutions are capable of etching Si with a directional selectivity of over 80:1 (<100>/<111>).

This wetbench is equipped with a heated quartz tank with reflux collar and recirculation and mechanical agitation. Automated wafer rinsing is accomplished through a cascade rinse tank. This bench is also equipped with a sink and an aspirator for cleanup.

System features and options:

  • Foot-pedal actuated deionized (DI) water gooseneck
  • DI water spray rinse basket
  • DI water and nitrogen spray guns
  • Temperature-controlled quartz KOH bath with adjustable mechanical agitation
  • Stirred ceramic hotplate
  • Cascade-type DI water rinse tank
  • Sink
  • Drying rack