How do I complete the Promissory Note?

The Promissory Note process allows you to become Fees Arranged without paying the entire balance owing. Your Promissory Note and payment of the remaining balance are due by the due date to avoid a late fee.

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Select the Finances tile.
    Finances tile
  3. Select Promissory Note option on the left.
    Promissory Note button
  4. Review the information to be sure you need to submit the Promissory Note. Select Next.
    Step 1
  5. Review the amount you are required to pay for the upcoming term. Select Next.
    Page 2
  6. If your anticipated aid covers all the fees owing in Step 2, you will not need to attach any documents during the Promissory Note process. Select Next.
    If the anticipated aid you have qualified for this term is not appearing on your student account, you can attach a document showing proof of that funding in Step 4 of the Promissory Note process. For example, you can upload a screenshot of the Funding Summary page from the OSAP website as proof of OSAP funding, or an email from your department as proof of GRS funding. Select Next.
    Step 3
  7. If there is still a balance owing after allowing for any anticipated aid, you must indicate how you will pay the remaining balance owing. Note: Your payment must be dated on or before the due date. If your payment is post-dated (dated after the date you submit your Promissory Note), we will not be able to process your Promissory Note until the date of payment.
    Select the type of additional funding or payment from the drop-down menu and enter the amount.
    Be sure to check the Promissory Note checklist to see which types of funding can be used on the Promissory Note.
    Additional sources of funding
  8. Select Attach and upload documentation that shows you have been approved to receive that amount of funding during the term or that you have made a payment for the remaining balance.
    Accepted file formats: BMP, DOC, DOCX, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG, TIFF, TXT.
    The maximum file size is 4 MB; the maximum file name length is 64 characters.
  9. Once you have selected the document you wish to include with your Promissory Note, select Upload or Attach (depending on your browser).
    Attach file image
    You will see that your document has been attached.
    Proof of attachment
    Your remaining balance still owing will update on the Promissory Note to show you how much additional funding you need to cover the term.
  10. If you have a remaining balance, select Add another source of funding and follow steps 7 to 9 above to attach proof of additional funding sources or your payment of the remaining balance.
    After you have added all funding sources, your "Remaining balance still owing" must read $0.00 to continue. If it does not, you will not be able to complete the Promissory Note process. Select Next.
  11. Read through the Financial Commitment. This is the legal agreement you are making with the University of Waterloo by submitting the Promissory Note. When finished, check the box beside "I have read and agree to the commitment" and select Submit.
    Financial commitment
  12. This page confirms that your Promissory Note has been submitted and will be processed soon. Print or save a screenshot of the Promissory Note Confirmation page as your receipt.
    When finished, select Return to Student Center to be brought back to the main Quest page. Once your Promissory Note has been processed, your Registration Status on Quest will become "Fees Arranged".
  13. Once your Promissory Note has been processed, your Registration Status on Quest will show "Fees Arranged".
    Fees arranged