How do I view and/or print my tax documents?

  1. Sign in to Quest.
  2. Select the Finances tile.
    Finances tile in quest  
  3. Select the Tax Documents link on the left.
    Tax Documents link image.
  4. If you are accessing this information while on campus, skip to step 5. If you are off campus, two-factor authentication (2FA) is required to proceed.
    1. If you have already opted-in to 2FA: Quest will prompt you to enter a Passcode which will be received digitally (e.g., via the DUO mobile app). Once a Passcode has been entered, Quest will allow you to Log In.
      Screenshot to enter a two-factor authentication Passcode into Quest
      Screenshot of new two-factor authentication Log In page
    2. If you have not yet opted-in to 2FA: Quest will ask you to set it up. Visit the two-factor authentication website for details.
      Screenshot for users to setup their two-fact authentication for Quest
  5. Select the document type you would like to print:
    1. T2202/T2202A
    2. T4A
    3. Donation Receipt
  6. To view your selected document, turn off your browser's pop-up blockers, then select Print and your document will open as a PDF file.Sample T2202/T2202A document page with print option highlighted
  7. For assistance with Quest or making changes to personal information, contact The Centre. If you have questions or concerns about your tax documents, email Student Financial Services.