Undergraduate student short-term absences

In fall 2022, the University expanded the options for a self-declared absence for undergraduate students by introducing the option of self-declaring a short-term absence.

Short-term absences

  • It is an absence that is a maximum length of two calendar days (i.e., Tuesday, February 8 and Wednesday, February 9).
  • The declaration of a short-term absence is available to all undergraduate students taking courses at the University of Waterloo.
  • Only one short-term absence can be self-declared per academic term.

Self-declaring a short-term absence

Short-term absences are self-declared in Quest. No accompanying documentation is requested or required in order to self-declare a short-term absence. See How do I self-declare an absence for instructions.

Once submitted, it cannot be changed or cancelled in Quest without the intervention of your faculty's associate dean, undergraduate.

Frequently Asked Questions