Maya Przybylski

Associate Professor

Professor Maya Przybylski
Professor Maya Przybylski is the Director of the DATALab research group in the School of Architecture and an expert on the complex intersection of architectural design, data and computation.

She is developing methods for achieving a more complete engagement, including sociocultural agency as well as technical capacity, with the computational components embedded within data-driven design work.

At Waterloo Architecture, Prof. Przybylski founded the DATALab -- a research group expanding information-centric design methodologies for the built world through design research programs and activities.

Her LinkLab project, in collaboration with Professor David Correa, explores the integration of building sensors in a new University of Waterloo building via a responsive installation that combines computation, digital fabrication and ICT.

See Professor Przybylski's department profile and Meet Your Faculty page for more details about her work outside of the RoboHub.