Steven Waslander

Adjunct Associate Professor

Professor Steven Waslander
Professor Steven Waslander is a leading authority on autonomous aerial and ground vehicles, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and multi-vehicle systems.

Professor Waslander leads projects focused on the development and integration of quadrotors and ground vehicles into fully functional robot teams, including the creation of more robust onboard localization in the presence of disturbances, other vehicles and moving objects. This research builds on his experience with vision and laser environment sensors, aerial and ground vehicle dynamics and modelling, and control methods for underactuated vehicles.

The RoboHub provides a transformative opportunity for Professor Waslander’s research agenda, allowing large scale indoor robot operations in a controlled environment with sufficient space for multiple robots to safely reach non-trivial speeds. The facility acts as a stepping stone for algorithm development towards outdoor deployment of aerial, ground and humanoid robotic teams, and will lead to many exciting new applications for the autonomous operation of advanced robotic platforms.

See Professor Waslander's faculty profile for more details about his work outside of the RoboHub.